It already has more than 200 accommodations in Spain and Portugal, from tree houses or “glamping” to igloos and characteristic houses

What started as a surprise – or rather, to give her partner a surprise as an anniversary gift – has turned into a business project already operating in Spain and Portugal and working to open in France as well.

“The idea of my other place was born looking for different accommodations to surprise with to celebrate his anniversary. Little by little, the list of different accommodations became the order of the day for our entire group of friends, who asked for trusted recommendations for different getaways to surprise their partners with. Over time we realized that there was a niche in the market, the concept of glamping it started to become fashionable and we decided to bet on the implementation of our project,” he recalls Pedro Perez PretelFounder, along with Francis Sacristan, Carlo Jover Y Vicente Benlochthis company.

My Different Place presents itself as a different accommodation search engine designed for travelers who are tired of searching and filtering through all the search engines to find another place close to where they live, e.g. B. a tree house or a bubble. In addition, «the owners/managers of these accommodations are asking for a search engine in which their hotel does not go unnoticed and which does not ask for an abusive commission. We connect travelers and owners on one platform by charging the hotel a reasonable commission for each reservation.


The company sets up, cooperates with and promotes sustainable and ecological tourism, “whereby we hope to be a clear alternative to mass tourism and tourist apartments in big cities. Our team selects different places that connect travelers to places full of joy and attraction to have a unique experience in a different place.

My Different Place already has over 200 unique accommodations across Spain and Portugal. «On our platform you will find collections of accommodation ranging from tree houses, charming houses to hotels business, glamping, igloos and author houses. Furthermore, on our platform we want to highlight all the art behind the small big hoteliers that enable bubbles, cave houses, railroad cars or develop a hotel complex from houses in the trees.”