MZG consultant was founded in 1993 with the aim of supporting companies in their professional growth through employment and tax advice. Thanks to the recommendations of our customers, the company has grown, increasing both the level and scope of services. Later we incorporated the law firm and the international department. We currently have 15 employees and advise more than 300 companies.

In addition, since 2010 we have made investments and stakes in companies and franchises from various sectors, which gives us a global and realistic vision of entrepreneurs’ needs.

Corporate culture of the MZG consultants

Our culture is based on four elements:

  • Are Nearbybecause our work is based on trust, which is essential for effective consulting work with the best results.
  • Are professionalsbecause our commitment is the well-being of our customers and the right development of their business, looking for the best options for them.
  • Are clearbecause we like to make ourselves understood and that you know the reason for every action from the first moment.
  • Are Experts |because we know what we are talking about and because we want to be an outsourced department that is well integrated into our customers’ business.

We believe in technology as a working tool and we make it available to our customers: since they have access to their company portal, fully integrated with their ERP and through which they can see in real time:

  • The details of your accounting
  • Your invoices and documents
  • Your employees’ payslips
  • Your company’s dashboard
  • The registration status and a copy of your submitted declarations

founding year: 1993

Services: labor, commercial, administrative and civil law, mergers and acquisitions.

Specialties: The law firm MZG Asesores specializes in tax, labor and legal advice for companies.

Partner: Carlo Garcia (tax area), Blonde Miracle (workspace) and Javier Rodriguez (legal area).

More information:
Calle Aguacate 41, Building A2 P2 L8
28054 Madrid
Telephone: +34 91 565 09 04
Mobile: +34 673 395 095