“In the Cooperative group Cajamar BCC We are very supportive of each other in the agri-food sector,” he explained Jose Antonio Guerrero Central Area Manager for the company, so his endorsement of the Agri-Food Business Innovation Award comes as no surprise. “Often we are not aware of the technology behind an apple,” he recalled before presenting the award to this year’s winner: NaxSolutions, a company that “monitors crops via satellite and can use images to tell if they’re doing well or badly and how much they’re going to produce,” according to the founder and CEO Aaron de Bernardis. “The idea is that before the farmer goes to the field to look for problems, he knows in advance what he has and where they are and how to solve them.”

The great challenge of this application was to make it easy and usable for the target group, which is traditionally unfamiliar with high technology: “We have developed a platform that tells the farmer in a matter of seconds where to apply more water, add more fertilizer, where there is more There are anomalies… In the end, it’s about reducing costs and increasing productivity”.

Founded in 2017, Nax Solutions is now already present in 7 markets, has 8 employees and a turnover of $1.5 million and the goal for the next 5 years is to reach 15 million and 15 employees. His advice to entrepreneurs: “Hard work and consistency always pay off.”

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