They are also compensated by the high salaries paid by Netflix and Facebook in Spain

Although if you think of a worker Netflix, Facebook or Google, one tends to imagine Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, the truth is that these companies have employees all over the world. Also in Spain, where they pay high salaries to their teams.

For example, an employee of Facebook Spain earns an average of 205,000 euros around 17,000 euros gross per month per year. In the case of Netflix, its workers in the country earn an average of €200,000 at its production company Los Gatos Entertainment and €151,000 a year at its Spanish offices. In the case of Twitter, Microsoft or Apple’s marketing department, the number drops somewhat, but in all cases the average salary exceeds 130,000 euros per year.

But as in all companies, such high wages must be justified in the industry productivity. In this sense, Facebook is the big tech company that bills the most per employee in Spain 4.6 million euros, while Netflix and the rest of the companies mentioned are around 500,000 euros per employee. To these figures should be added the turnover that these companies divert to Ireland, Holland or Luxembourg, so it is clear that it is profitable.

With these working conditions, the big tech companies like Facebook or Netflix are positioned far ahead of the Spanish ones as the best companies to work for in this sector. Evidence of this is e.g. The average salary of a Telefónica employee is 31,328 euros, as explained by El País.

Facebook and Netflix affiliates have very few employees

Of course, these salaries could not be paid in such large templates as at the Spanish telecom, which employs more than 23,000 people. In the case of Facebook, its Spanish subsidiary has only 56 employeesa figure much higher, however, than Netflix’s in the country – 27 workers, between its production company and its offices -.

However, these salary figures do not reach all large technology companies in Spain either. Unlike Facebook or Netflix, companies that have slightly more physical stores are closer to the usual average salary. A) Yes, On average, employees at Amazon’s logistics subsidiary earn EUR 26,000 gross per yearwhile the workers in the section of retail trade from Apple does not exceed 32,600 on average.

Knowing this data and extrapolating it to the rest of Europe, the brain drain from big tech companies like Facebook to places like the Canary Islands can be explained by taking advantage of the expansion of teleworking. In this sense, the creation of rooms from coliving It’s still an interesting option in beach or land destinations to make up for the lack of tourism. In this case, customers have quite high purchasing power and extend their stay for several months, which during this period can bring huge income.

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