The new 1&1 cloud solution was created with a service and benefit orientation so that companies – especially SMEs – developers and integrators can transfer their web projects and business applications to a more flexible and efficient environment. 1&1, European leader in hosting, outdoes itself by implementing the first generation 1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server model.

The new server increases its performance by integrating the latest technologies, such as SSD and SAN storage. In addition, innovative technical features such as an integrated system for creating backup copies or the configuration of central firewall guidelines for all virtual machines are introduced.

But regardless of the functionalities and technological additions, with its new model 1&1 offers a secure and easy-to-use tool for users who can automatically manage storage systems and continuity solutions via the Cloud Server Control Panel and always keep an eye on the costs that this entails.

flexibility and strength

Cem Merkan, Product Marketing Cloud Server, emphasized two words in the act of presentation: unlimited flexibility and capacity. This means that the user can configure the benefits according to his needs and adjust the costs with millimeter precision. This allows professionals to monitor their infrastructure from a technical and financial perspective.

Another advantage is that these servers can be commissioned 55 seconds This gives professional users real-time control over all the hardware and software infrastructure they need for their projects.

He said Robert Hoffman, CEO of 1&1, that “many SMBs are considering their move to the cloud, but until now have not found an available cloud service that meets their expectations for security and flexibility while at the same time making management easier”. With the new 1&1 Cloud Server, they seem to have no more excuses.