Nuclio Digital School, Nuclio Venture Builder and 11 startups from the ecosystem award grants of 140,000 euros to advance the digitization of the most traditional sectors.

Although Spain is the European country where the number of companies in this sector has grown the most technology, there are various studies that show that there is a clear shortage of skilled workers in the industry in leading digitization cities such as Barcelona and Madrid. This lack of profiles with digital skills gives rise to the Digital Boost Scholarshipsfunded by the digital training school Nuclio Digital School and Nuclio Venture Builder.

This alliance aims to do that Accelerating the digitization of various sectors of the traditional economy bring the possibilities of the technology sector closer and promote the introduction of new professionals to the market. Ernest Sanchez, Managing Partner at Nuclio Venture Builder Add to: “As part of the digital and startup ecosystem, we pose the lack of profiles with digital skills and experience in the tech sector as one of the main obstacles. With these grants, we aim to help fill the gap created by the rapid growth of technology arises companies.

Carlos Blanco, Co-Founder of Encomenda VC and Chairman of NuclioEmphasizes that the digital and startup ecosystem needs professionals with technological skills and abilities that traditional education does not provide: “Within the Nuclio Group strategy, one of our pillars is the training and recruitment of qualified professionals to lead future successful startups within the venture builder“.

Timely to access your scholarship

The registration period for applying for scholarships in digital training is still open today December 31 or until the available places are exhausted. Applicants are eligible for 40 scholarships worth €2,000, 10 scholarships worth €3,000 and finally 4 total scholarships. A total of €140,000 will be invested in scholarships that will go to 54 selected students who can study in person or remotely one of the Masters offered by the school in the disciplines of Digital Marketing, UX/UI Design, Full Stack Development, Cybersecurity, Data Science , digital product management and human resources.

These scholarships are aimed at anyone interested in advancing their career in the technology field, but also for those who already have a solid background and wish to acquire new skills that will allow them to gain specific knowledge of the industry and their realign your career. Jared Gil, CEO and co-founder of Nuclio Digital SchoolEmphasizes the importance of updating digital skills during the biggest boom in business digitization “It is clear that we have to reinvent ourselves. Over the last few years we have witnessed the transition of thousands of profiles from a traditional industry to a much more digital one. This is why it is so important to acquire the digital skills and soft skills required by the market quickly, intensively and practically.«.

In addition to the participation of Nuclio Digital School and Nuclio Venture Builder, 11 startups of the ecosystem have joined the initiative. Among them are: Housfy, Hastee, Finteca, Prohipotecas, DocFarma, Kintai,, Casum, Proptex, WeBond and G4AL.

About Nuclius

Nuclio is the first ecosystem dedicated to the creation of startups in Spain. The brand was born in 2016 by entrepreneur and investor Carlos Blanco and under his umbrella are:

Nuclio Venture Builders: The ecosystem’s startup incubator

Nuclio Digital School: One of the most important digital business schools in the country with campuses in Barcelona and Madrid.

Nuclio Talent: Nuclios Talent Recruitment Advice.

Digital core +: Nuclios innovation and digital business consultancy.

The brand brings together the entire value chain of emerging companies to serve the group’s startups and key players in the ecosystem.

About Nuclio Venture Builder

Nuclio Venture Builder is one of the leading startup incubators in Spain with offices in Barcelona and Madrid. The company was founded in 2016 under the umbrella of the Nuclio ecosystem. Some of the incubated startups are: Housfy, Hastee (ex-Typs), Finteca/Prohipotecas, Proptex, Casum, Kintai, Webond, or DocFarma.

Nuclio Venture Builder creates and promotes startups from business ideas validated in other markets according to its own agile methodology based on Lean Startup and attracts the best talent through the Nuclio Weekend, which takes place twice a year.

About Nuclio Digital School

Nuclio Digital SchoolFounded by Karl Weiss Y Jared Gil, is one of the leading digital training schools in Spain with two campuses in Barcelona and Madrid and an expansion plan in Europe and Latin America. With 4 years of experience and more than 2,000 students, thanks to its innovative methodology and its close connection to the technological and entrepreneurial ecosystem, the school has managed to position itself among the 3 most important digital schools in Spain for 2 years in a row.

The Nuclio Digital School focuses on creating digital profiles in areas of high market demand through intensive, accelerated and practical learning experiences that allow mastering the skills and soft skills specific to each sector.