Offer: 75,000 euros per year for circumnavigation and recording

Can you imagine traveling around the world for a year and getting a fortune for it? This is the new job listing from online insurance comparison company Insuranks, the offers a salary of more than 75,000 euros for one year for one person wishing to travel, in addition to covering all expenses.

The only condition to be able to enjoy this job offer is Record everything and post it on social media along with company promotional content. In addition, the job holder must travel to a location of their choice at least once a month for a full year.

In addition to the 75,000 euros annual salary the insurer’s offer includes a series of co-payments to cover the costs What does it take to travel around the world? They offer 1,775 euros per month for flight costs, 2,660 euros for accommodation and meals, 530 euros for meals, 443 euros for rental cars and 890 euros for other activities. In total, almost another 70,000 euros per year.

The real news is that you can still take part in the selection process to go around the world. The offer stipulates that applicants must upload a video to Instagram by January 31st explaining the reasons that motivate them to be part of the adventure.

More interesting offers to travel the world and earn money at the same time

Insuranks isn't the only company that has offered to go around the world as part of a marketing and advertising strategy.

Insuranks isn’t the only company that has offered to go around the world as part of a marketing and advertising strategy. A few months ago, Airbnb, the multinational accommodation company par excellence, launched a similar campaign…

It’s Live Where You Want with Airbnb, an initiative that rewards 12 people with free housing for a year in various locations around the world. As a condition, travelers must inform the platform about the quality of their accommodation and can travel with a maximum of three people.

Airbnb’s interest in promoting these user profiles on its platform is due to the changing nature of the use of tourist apartments. According to company data, stays of 28 nights or more increased by 10% between 2019 and the first quarter of 2021. Additionally, 74% of consumers say they would like to move from one place to another to telework once the pandemic is over.

Disadvantages of a world trip in 2022

Despite the attractive offer to travel the world for 75,000 euros a year and pay all expenses, 2022 may not be the ideal year to enjoy this adventure 100%. The main cause lies in the latter stages of the pandemic, since Many countries continue to maintain strict restrictions or conditions on entry into their territories.

In addition to this possible brake, there are others, such as e.g the stress that some people experience from constant transfers, schedule changes… Therefore, if you intend to travel around the world, it is necessary to plan your travel destinations well and consider your sleeping habits.

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