Nancho Arguiñano is no newcomer to the printing market. He started selling bags at the age of 17 and worked for a national manufacturer of personalized bags and paper for 27 years. “So I visited a lot of customers and they often complained about the enormous amount we needed to personalize their bags, since they used flexo printing, a system that requires long runs,” he recalls.

Over time, Arguiñano, together with Jesús Jambrina, Blanca López and Pilar Lorenzo (all three with extensive experience in the world of advertising and marketing), noticed enormous changes in the market due to the appearance of new imported products, as well as the manufacturers. “In addition, techniques such as screen printing and embossing have developed, which enable short and fast print runs,” he explains.

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All these advances led this group of entrepreneurs to launch Pak&Bag, an online sales platform that allows users to customize their bags and boxes. “We offer small quantities in the shortest possible time (from 10 to 30 days). Also flat screen printing and embossing”.

According to Arguiñano, Pak&Bag represents an important change from other companies in the sector: “The purchase and personalization can be done entirely online. An online editor is available to upload your own design, or you can choose from multiple designers collaborating with Pak&Bag to create an exclusive design. We assembled a group of design professionals from different backgrounds to help our clients create a good image at a reasonable price.”

The partners have invested around 25,000 euros so far and are expecting a settlement of one million euros this year.

They have invested around 25,000 euros


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