Paypal's new idea to celebrate your Christmas party

PayPal has launched a novel idea to bring its employees together despite the restrictions. The pandemic has completely changed the way thousands of companies work. Teleworking has brought new challenges and opportunities to assess productivity that will undoubtedly mark a before and after in the labor market. With the arrival of the Christmas holiday, businesses have also been looking for ways to celebrate their meals and celebrations.

The system is simple, based on one of the key tools used by the 25,000 employees during the pandemic: video calling. PayPal has prepared a macro event, 29 hours long, in which its employees from all over the world can participate in various activities. Informal meals, a more formal dinner, live concerts, cooking classes… All while browsing a virtual space from home.

Up until last Christmas, PayPal organized more than 60 parties in all of its offices around the world. This year’s event allows the more than 25,000 employees to interact regardless of their location. “We can never go to each other’s celebrations. We decided this was our chance to break down those walls,” says Genessa Nannini, the company’s Director of Employee Engagement, explaining the novel idea.

PayPal isn’t the only company celebrating Christmas from home

Besides PayPal, there are many other companies that have been looking for alternative ways to celebrate Christmas with their employees. However, others are lagging behind in this regard. Corresponding some polls, only 23% of companies hold a Christmas eventcompared to 76% in 2019.

Among those who will keep the celebration going, 74% will do it virtually. In addition to the PayPal formula, which will require a significant investment due to its size, there are other more cost-effective methods that can be applied to small and medium-sized businesses. In this sense, tools like Zoom or Microsoft Teams will also smoke this Christmas, albeit in a different way.

A champagne tasting on-line. An example is that of the US communications company RooneyPartners, which a kits Champagne, with instructions on how best to chill and serve it. On the day of the traditional company dinner, the workers – a tradition in the company – will dress in red and spend an evening electronically similar to other years. “The more human interaction that is possible, the more people don’t feel so isolated in their own group,” explains the founder.

A restaurant voucher. In other cases, the company’s Christmas dinner invitation is replaced with a gift card that can be redeemed at local restaurants. Such is the case with a Canadian company that gave out $100 coupons to all employees to order meals at home. During the celebration, workers are connected via video call to an event with live music or a question and answer session.

Although PayPal’s formula may be beyond the means available to more humble businesses, there are other formulas to keep your business in the spirit of Christmas. Creativity and imagination can be key to transforming the traditional business lunch into a new way to safely connect with colleagues outside of work.

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