«We tried to transfer the concept of the pharmacy to new technologies. A pharmacy is not just a drugstore; It is a health facility where the user can get health advice. Flexifarma offers this thanks to 45 pharmacists and 250 health experts,” he emphasizes Fernando OrtegaCo-founded with Ignacio Jaureguizar.

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Why did you decide to join? “3.0 does not go alone. We had to move to a culture of collaboration. To be truly useful, effective, and efficient pharmacists, we must do it together. We are aware that pharmacy margins are being squeezed. Survival is based on parapharmacy and offering value-added services. And that inevitably happens today via the online world. The difference from other online parapharmacies is that we have the support of 250 health professionals. We offer chat and phone so the pharmacist can do online what they do in person: offer health advice. And a range of around 10,000 products”.
So far, Flexifarma’s sales have corresponded to those of six or seven pharmacies: “The aim is to break even (balance point) by the end of this year.”


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