Piqué's entrepreneurial career in the eye of the hurricane

Gerard Pique is one of the characters of the moment in Spain. The Barcelona footballer is also an outstanding entrepreneur, a facet for which he has been spotted in the eye of the hurricane in recent days after his ties to the deal that brought the Spanish Super Cup to Saudi Arabia came to light.

Based on published information only by The ConfidentialPique’s company, cosmos, has received 24 million euros for his mediation in the deal signed by the Spanish Football Federation with the Arab country to bring the Spanish Super Cup to its stadiums.

It is a legal activity, but has been questioned by the US government moral implications which means moving one of the national football tournaments to a country where human rights are not fully respected. Piqué’s being one of the players who took part in the tournament is also a point of contention about the ethical correctness of the contract.

However, despite the fact that this leak could seriously damage the footballer’s reputation, there is no doubt that this is another of Piqué’s major successes as an entrepreneur, which most of them achieved with Kosmos themselves.

The cosmos business, with which Piqué pocketed several million euros

Kosmos is a company dedicated to the leisure, culture and media sectors based in Barcelona. In addition to Piqué, his partners include personalities such as Hiroshi MikitaniCEO of Rakuten, or Mike EvansAdvisor to the Director of the American Baseball League, is a team with many years of experience in organizing sporting events.

The main business of Piqué’s company is the organization of the Davis Cup tennis tournament. In 2019, the company received the concession to transform the format of this international event by 2045, for a total of 2,700 million euros. About 100 million a year which serve the company to guarantee good profits for decades to come.

In addition, Kosmos was also used by Piqué to buy two football clubs that Gymnastics of Manresa and the Andorra FC, which have also been the subject of leaks. A deal that adds to the mediation itself with Saudi Arabia that has been the subject of so much conversation in recent weeks.

There are also other more than lucrative companies, such as an audiovisual production company or an eSports club, KOI, which was founded this year after the alliance between the two Stromer best known in Spain, Ibai Llanosand Gerard Piqué himself. An extremely lucrative business that has major sponsors and has reaped large sums of money in the first few months of its existence.

There are also failures…

In addition to these lucrative deals, Piqué’s entrepreneurial career was also marked by some notable failures. Curiously, the most famous has to do with the eSports sector, in which he now triumphs accompanied by Ibai Llanos.

A few years ago, a company dedicated to the video game industry had to close down due to the huge losses it had accumulated and it seems that after two years, E-Sports Media Rights SL is heading towards the same goal with a negative result of more contributed more than one million euros at the end of 2020.

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