Poch & Abogados Asociados began its journey in 1979 under the guidance of its director and founding partner: Josep Poch Villamayor. In the course of his career he has specialized in comprehensive legal advice for small and medium-sized companies as well as sole proprietorships. Currently the firm has a team of 5 lawyers and 15 associates spread across different geographical areas. Although the head office is in the original location (Igualada), due to the proximity of many of their clients to these areas, they have opened offices in Piera and Barcelona.

They also have a network of collaborating offices with third countries, which enables them to match comprehensive legal advice with the legal requirements that the internationalization of the company entails.

The solution to all problems

With very strict professional ethics, they strive to provide an efficient and trustworthy service. He is always committed to solving customer problems and fulfilling all orders with absolute dedication.

Speed ​​is the answer

In addition to the direct lawyer-client relationship, one of their maxims is the speed with which problems are dealt with, because they see this as the basic tool for achieving good results.

All affairs and projects of the law firm are managed by a partner who assumes responsibility towards the client and coordinates the essential consulting services that lawyers are required to provide in the various specialist areas.

services rendered

The organization specializes in commercial law and provides the right professionals for every area of ​​the business world. An example of this is his specialization in working as an insolvency administrator.

Among the areas of activity they offer their clients are:
– Commercial contract, corporate and bankruptcy law.
– Tax and accounting law.
– Employment Law.
– Civil right.
– Procedural law.
– Commercial criminal law.

Founding year: 2000

Main Specialty:
• Interdisciplinary exercise of the professions of lawyer, business graduate and economist.

More specialties:
• Liquidator. Legal and economic advice, accounting and tax advice in general.

pros: José Poch Villamayor, Laia Poch Basas, Luisa Moral Calvo, Montserrat Martí, Loraine de León.

13 Balmes Avenue, 1st
08700 Igualada (Barcelona)
Telephone + 34 93 804 20 61

Aribau, 80 7º 1ºA
08500 Barcelona
Telephone + 34 93 419 45 11



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