In order to differentiate fields of action and to align their products to a dual market, they have created two brands: casphidintended for professional events such as congresses, fairs or conferences, and idafest, which is aimed at mass events of a recreational nature such as concerts, music festivals or sports competitions, where security might appreciate their services. Either way, this Valencian startup defines itself as a “global provider of high-frequency wireless personal identification technology.”

Ad hoc solutions

In each line they have developed customized solutions, taking on the manufacture of their own software, adapted to the specific needs of each customer. The versatility favored by radio frequency technology makes it possible to control access and the identification of participants, to measure the audience flow in real time or to determine the interest generated by each event in a room, for example with parallel multiconferences.

But the goal is not limited to introducing technology, rather they try to go further by adding functionalities that contribute value added organizers and enhance the attendee experience. One is to avoid bulk printing of documentation at events and conferences, a service they call it paperless and which allows the speaker to communicate directly with the audience thanks to the association of identification with his personal data and email. Social Kasfid is another tool to increase the virality of events.

Radio Frequency Payment

At the Idasfest branch, they integrate a drink prepayment mechanism into their identification system – wristband or fob, which helps the organizer to have liquidity in advance and anticipate consumption while the event customer avoids handling cash.

It would take space to list all the ideas that emerged from this team of nine led by the founding partners: Javier Juanescivil engineer Joaquin coast, Telecommunications Engineer. In March 2014, at the Polytechnic of Valencia, Coincident decided to create Casfid.

They soon won the sympathy of the European Center for Innovative Enterprises (CEEI) Valencia in whose technology park they are still housed, having also received the prize for the best innovative project in the Valencian Community IVAJ Entrepreneuramong other.

keep innovating

The investment made so far is approx €50,000 and although it is still too early to speak of a success story, the figures available up to May 2015 far exceed the cumulative figures for the previous year, when they closed with sales of €30,000, an amount they expect to quadruple this year. They also want to extend their radius of action to the entire federal territory and from 2016 dare to make the leap abroad, where they want to arrive with new systems and hardware, which is why they feed the R&D&I department 30% of the bill.

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