The packages help lower the price without reducing the value of your offering. In addition, they allow you to cross-sell your products, which means that you can take the opportunity to offer a product that is less accepted in the market or that you have more in stock.

For Juan José Rodríguez, “These promotions have nothing but advantages. It’s a way of inviting the consumer to try something they wouldn’t otherwise buy, and also gives them the feeling that they can get it cheaper.” And he recommends: “When designing, we can think of or reflect on our own products are looking for a company that is complementary to yours. Think about what kind of products complement yours and look for a partner who you can agree with and who will also win something, just like you,” adds Rodríguez.

A recent example is Jazztel’s offering with Digital Plus, El Corte Inglés and other partners to customers.

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