Work on digital rights management (access control technologies used by copyright owners to limit the use of digital media or devices) Oscar Marie Richard recognized that the future of information security lay in preventing unauthorized use of private documents. “But with more innovation, easier and more accessible for users. It’s not just about protecting the information within a company, but about protecting the information that companies share with each other, even between individuals. That’s how this telecoms engineer realized that there was a demand for the information we all share on the internet and launched Prot-On.

To help us understand what this tool does is that anyone who shares information on the network (an email, a pdf, a photo or video…) can decide at any time who can access what they do with it can do (view them, print them out, edit them…) and for how long. For individuals, it is a simple protection method that they have free access to. For businesses, they ease this traditionally very tedious process for the user with some more advanced options than protecting and unprotecting files for a fee of 40 euros per year.

As Marie-Richard assures, the advantage of Prot-On is that it is not aimed at a single segment, but is used by individuals to large companies, including SMEs or the self-employed. “A person may have an interest in protecting their personal videos; What interests a photographer is to send his photos to a magazine without having them copied unless he pays in advance; in a company, the focus may be on ensuring that the information managed by its management committee cannot be leaked, even if one of its members leaves the company; A hospital may have concerns about being able to transmit a patient’s medical history in strict compliance with data protection law, etc.».

The company has received funding of €1.1 million from Ámbar Venture Capital and expects to close 2013 (the first year of actual operations) with sales of €200,000.

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