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The speed of deliveries has become one got to for online trading. And to satisfy this most demanding consumer, what some call the third generation of e-commerce has emerged: the Q Commerce or Quick Commerce.

Packlink, the parcel shipping comparison and contract platform for private individuals and companies, tells us what it consists of and what advantages it has.

agile innovation

Fast trading guaranteed to the customer very fast deliveries: from 15 minutes to 2 hours. Originally born in the food sector and to cover basic needs during the pandemic, more and more sectors have gradually been involved. Its strength lies in a Capillary network of local warehouses in areas bordering the shopping areas.

The delivery of the products is fast thanks to the Proximity to logistic warehouses, due to the use of means used for delivery (mainly e-bikes, electric scooters or bicycles) who are not affected by traffic in big cities and of course by a technology increasingly consumer-oriented who, by Big Data, allows for in-depth analysis of consumer preferences.

The advantages of quick trading

Benefits that should be considered for both the end user and online trading companies. And for the environment, something that today’s consumer is increasingly demanding.

speed and quality

The first factor to consider is the speed of deliveries: For consumers, it is one of the most relevant variables when choosing e-commerce. According to a recent Packlink study, the 55% of Spaniards believe that delivery speed is an important feature when choosing an e-commerce.

In addition, Quick Commerce provides the user with a large variety of productsmaintaining the advantage of local consumption. They might be fewer options compared to the big marketplaces or traditional ecommerce, but higher quality is guaranteed.

Logistics of proximity and inclusion

With locally distributed warehouses in the immediate vicinity of the customer, Fast Trade can cover faster and more efficient deliveries. So this becomes one Incentive also for small local companies to participate in this process. The small neighborhood bookstore, the corner restaurant or the telephone shop now become an active part of the process without running the risk of being crushed by the giants of the industry. So this allows Forge alliances between logistic platforms and small businesses in the region, with a democratization of online trade.

Sustainable mobility

After the last study of Packlink, the 75.6% of those surveyed take a brand’s ecological and social commitment into account in your choice of online purchase and the 63.9% state that they would be willing to pay a surcharge for environmentally friendly parcel and shipping packaging, showing that concepts such as sustainability and eco-friendliness are increasingly at the heart of consumer choices.

Fast trading encourages the use of Electric vehicles such as e-bikes, electric scooters and mopeds, reducing CO2 emissions and by its very nature is concentrated in geographically smaller areas, Reducing the distance between the warehouses and the end customer. In this way, last mile deliveries are improved, with fuel savings and a lower percentage of air pollution.

This is a very important point to consider as Statista estimates that the number of delivery vehicles will decrease worldwide 5.3 million currently to 7.2 million in the next ten years, which will mean achieve more than 25 million tons of CO2 emissions.

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