In today’s world, where information is one of the most important working tools, specialized media and programs are emerging to fill any gap of necessary information. This has been the case with specialized programs in the world of entrepreneurship, they have emerged as one of the best options.

radio programs

Where we find more variety is in radio, both analogue and digital. This medium offers us multiple opportunities in terms of programs related to SMEs, entrepreneurs, applications and technology:

– Esther Molina, Director of pymetecha program on EFE radio, explains: “Our themes revolve around innovation, current affairs for small and medium-sized enterprises, new technologies, social media and of course real cases of entrepreneurs who come to present their project.” Furthermore he adds: “The programs dedicated to entrepreneurs offer a very defined attitude that we don’t usually find in our everyday life: ‘If opportunities don’t arise, we will create them'”.

– Another radio station specializing in economics, Gestiona Radio, reports on the world of entrepreneurship through committed to the worldProgram directed by Borja Pascual.

– We found the program on RNE, more precisely on Radio 5 tendencies Directed by Patricia Costa. It is a space dedicated to “analysis of social, economic or cultural changes” in which they also present innovative ideas and projects that can be useful for the novice entrepreneur.

RadioEmprenRed (EMA RTV) offers its listeners weekly information on entrepreneurship “with the clear aim of broadening the range of possibilities in the face of paths that sometimes seem more like barriers than paths,” according to those responsible.

tv shows

On television we have less variety of programs, but it is also very interesting for those who are thinking of starting a business and for those who have already done so, because it helps them gain visibility and make themselves known. The most prominent is company on RTVE directed by Juanma Romero.

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