The discourse is that of the collaborative and sustainable economy. “Many of us love things, but not the people we communicate with on a daily basis. We want to change that and create communities, turn cities into cities and reduce hyperconsumption by promoting #smartconsumption,” they say.

That’s why this startup from Valencia created a platform based on the model Peer to peer This allows products to be rented between people located in the same area, thereby realizing the benefits 533 billion euros in products that according to their calculations are not used. Electronics, tools and sports equipment are the segments best suited for transactions.

viral effect

In order to join the platform, interested parties must register and also log in with their Facebook profile in order to multiply the distribution in the networks. Regarding the rental prices, it is left to the owners of the items in approximate order of useful life: 1, 3 or 7 days and it is the couples of the establishment who agree on the collection and delivery of objects, although sometimes it has been as well taken from the platform. “We want to listen to users and offer them a unique and personalized service,” he says Dhiren ChatlaniCEO and co-founder, which means that at Relendo, the exception is the norm.

secure transactions

It may sound like heavenly music, but they have a well-crafted business model. Before launching the platform, they designed an informative site where they collected more than 500 emails by people interested in the concept. They also swing a Nielsen study According to this, 53% of the Spanish population would be willing to rent their products to people in their area. They rule out bail “because it implies distrust,” but as a guarantee they offer a Insurance protection up to €3,000 in case of damage to the rental equipment, never theft. They also resist picaresque temptations by collecting actors’ personal information, despite studies that indicate a 50 percent reduction in the risk of incidents when two people have faced each other beforehand.

Don’t be afraid of competition

And if the company structure seems solid, so does the team that integrates it. “I don’t think anyone can compete with us,” says Dhiren, who shares a partnership with Jose Vicente Ruiz, CTO. They both got to know each other in AllStartup 5 organized by Demium startups where they decided to follow their passion, convinced that “the future of consumption will be more about accessing goods to have new experiences than about buying them”, thus establishing their company based on three pillars: “People, mutual benefit and sustainability and/or the planet”.

The society that is born as Relendo Ventures SL, It will only be constituted next week, the only investment costs that have been pending so far €200 that they say they are earmarked for business expenses. They started in Valencia but will soon continue in Madrid to spread throughout the national territory and later to Europe. The USA is also included in their plans, “because innovation is not seen there as a threat, but as progress”.

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