Company founded in 1959, which currently has a team of more than 30 professionals and technicians.

The customer comes first

They have an ethical obligation to their customers and their interest will always be theirs. Personalization in treatment is one of the added values ​​offered by this consultation, offering them a complete service so that they can face any situation.

They are committed to advancement, personal and technological innovation, continuous improvement and quality services.

All areas of activity are coordinated and are managed by experienced professionals in the various areas.

Professional Services

Its team of professionals are trained to manage businesses, whether sole proprietorship or corporation, from their inception and throughout their active life, advising them on tax, labour, commercial and civil matters, etc., tax returns and payroll to manage and undertake the defense of the company

Updated service offering

They also specialize in banking law (claims, floor clause, mortgage charges, swap…); Advice for foundations and associations and their tax obligations, data protection, conformities…; including insurance audits for companies and specialist advice.

remote support

In addition, the team of lawyers specializing in different areas of law is responsible for defending the interests of their clients, companies and individuals, facilitating remote assistance and virtual integration with their clients, avoiding unnecessary travel and optimizing the weather.

Your insurance broker offers clients cost savings and the best insurance coverage on the market.

office services

RM Assessors offers:
– Tax, labor and accounting advice.
– Legal advice.
– insurance brokerage.
– Court administration.
– Real estate agency.

Founding year: 1959

Main Specialty: Advice to companies.

More specialties:
– banking law.
– Advising foundations and associations.
– Advice and insurance audits for companies.

pros: Albert Romaguera, Marta Romaguera, Cristina Romaguera, Narcís Ginesta, Jordi Pol, Rosa Clara, Antonio Navarro, María Romaguera.

Gran Via Jaume I
17007 Girona
Telephone + 34 97 220 82 58
Fax. 97 222 17 70