ST. LUCIAthe leading insurer in the field of family protection, took part in the annual event InnovationHub organized by ideas4all innovation in collaboration with EY, where the impact of collaborative innovation in the company was discussed. During the event, the winning companies of the ideas4all Innovation 2017 innovation award were announced.

Of the 6 categories, Santalucia IMPULSA was nominated for:

– Best Transformative Innovation for the collective innovation project with the greatest transformative capacity.
– Best Management Team for the most outstanding team in managing the community and the innovative project.
– And the Innovation Prize Ideas4all Innovation 2017, the organization’s most important prize, awarded to SANTALUCÍA for being an outstanding company in using the ideas4all Innovation solution.

In the words of Angel Uzquiza, Director of Innovation of the SANTALUCÍA Group: “I am proud to receive this prestigious award. For us it is a further incentive to keep improving and to increase the success of the past editions. Being able to link the Startup Acceleration program to the Intrapreneurship program for employees is a very enriching experience as it closes the entrepreneurial cycle that SANTALUCÍA started last year. In addition, it strengthens our position in favor of transformation and open innovation.”

Ángel Uzquiza was also a speaker at the roundtable “Talent in search of companies” where she emphasized the importance of incorporating concepts such as collaborative innovation, staff trip or the employer branding. For his part, Ángel spoke about the success story of santalucía IMPULSA, which this year celebrates its second edition and in which some innovations have been introduced, such as the inclusion of an intrapreneurship program for employees.

This intrapreneurship program “santalucía PROMOTES employees” is a project incubation and business skills development program that offers all employees of the SANTALUCÍA Group the opportunity to develop projects that generate new business models. The 50 selected employees will work in group sessions to develop 10 minimally viable products. The best will get access to the Master in Entrepreneurship and Startups of the Insurer and will take part in the Demoday, which will take place in June, together with the startups that took part in santalucía IMPULSA.

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