You have the merit of having created and professionalized a market. This spin-off from the University of Zaragoza specializes in this Professional services for the management of the communication of science and results from research, innovation and technology. “This communication management materializes Organization of events intended to serve as a link between institutions that generate knowledge, be it a university, a research center or a company through its R&D department, and society,” explains Jerusalem Jaime, founder of Esciencia Scientific Events, along with Laura Juste, Jesús Martínez, Guillermo Orduña and Rosa Latorre. The range of services extends from the organization of scientific congresses, scientific communication consulting for other institutions and the comprehensive management of scientific communication events (conception, staging, participant coordination, production, workshops, etc.) to the conception of strategies for conveying messages to a specific audience (companies and institutions that want to convey something to a group) and carrying out scientific communication activities in different formats (workshops in schools, at a leisure activity or staging in cities, etc.).

Its creators participated in the Science Circus, an educational project of the University of Zaragoza aimed at secondary schools, “to stimulate scientific vocations or curiosity about science, we carried out surprising experiments. From there we saw that there was a powerful market that was not covered by a reputable professional structure. Our competitors were high school teachers who did something for their students in their free time. There was no professional structure dedicated to the transmission of science, not only in Aragón but in all of Spain”.

They sought advice on their university’s OTRI and drew up a business plan. “We held meetings to lay the foundation of what we wanted to do, how much we needed to sell to make it profitable. We have always kept our original idea: We are trained scientists who convey science; this requires greater sensitivity and training capacity to comprehend and comprehend the scientific message and the ability to communicate that this message is effective and reaching a child, a housewife or a nanoscience expert”.

Funding has not been a problem for this company as they have always reinvested their profits –this year they expect to bill around 700,000 euros– but they are looking for professionals to cover the events they organize throughout Spain. “Since there weren’t any, we formed them ourselves. We laid the foundations of what requirements they had to meet in order to always maintain the essence of our company.”

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