Our company was born out of the frustration we felt every time we wanted to buy a ticket to a sporting or music event in Boston, where we lived. We had to go through all the sites that were reselling tickets and had three or four windows open at a time to find the best deal,” explains Rusell D’Souza.

Along with his friend Jack Groetzinger, D’Souza figured companies like that kayaking either Expedia, which can merge searches, among other things, why not do the same with tickets for this type of event? To finance themselves, they went through an accelerator program in Philadelphia and received 15,000 euros. “Now we’ve got three million more from a business angel,” says D’Souza, who claims to have around 2.2 million monthly sales.

Since presenting their project at the TechCrunch Conference 50 in 2009, these two entrepreneurs have won multiple awards. Last year they were finalists in the 2012 Webby Awards and positioned SeatGeek in the top 100 websites published by PC Magazine.


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