Self-employed or GmbH?  cost comparison

Do I only operate as a self-employed person or do I form a limited liability company? What are their costs? What if I hire a person? If you’re reading this and you’re one of the nearly 100,000 new companies that started last year, you know what we’re talking about. If you’re just starting a business and haven’t stopped thinking about it, we encourage you to take a few minutes to read our Very Practical.

As you will have guessed, we asked ourselves these questions, and we also shared them with a tax advisor, Jordi Tomás, founding partner of Yasbow. The result is this as a sole trader (self-employed) by 1,650.06 euros cheaper. One observation: In this simulation, we assume that an individual applies for unemployment capitalization. Currently, up to 60% can be obtained for starting an investment project and 40% for paying RETA fees. “This option is only possible for the unemployed (individuals), never for GmbHs. There is a possible option, but through a Labor Limited Company,” explains Tomás.

In the chapter on the relief of expenses arising from the activity for our expert “The limited liability company has a wider reach than the sole proprietorship”. And since both work from home, the deduction would be based on square meters, “with a maximum of 50 percent for the self-employed. This should be taken into account when filing income tax returns,” he warns.

What does not differ is tax collection, security taxes per employee, the amount of income tax withheld from payroll and VAT in general. Yes, in favor of the SL, from a tax point of view. ” Corporate income tax is 25% on profits. For the individual entrepreneur it would be a quarterly advance payment calculated by subtracting expenses from income.. 20% would be the entry fee that would remain as a payment due on the annual income tax return. In this way we initially achieve a saving of 5% in favor of the SL”. The said. You choose.

THE RECOMMENDATION: Start as a sole trader and incorporate the business when the activity is well oiled.


  • Natural person who carries out his activity using his habitual residence.
    • Opportunity to receive unemployment benefits.
      • Option of an employee with a gross monthly salary of 1,300 euros.
        • Corporate taxation with general VAT system and quarterly income tax payments.
          • Cost of forming a limited liability company with a share capital of 3,006 euros.
            • Calculations for the year 2012.


              AUTONOMOUS SL

              High RETA 3,050.52 3,050.52

              High AEAT Yes / Yes

              Company name application Not 13.52

              Deed of Incorporation (Notary Public) Not 60-150

              Commercial register of Borme Not 40-100

              In total 3,050.52 3,164.04 – 3,314.04

              Spread: €113.52 – €263.52

              *The costs of the self-employed for both cases as a minimum contribution contribution for an annuity. 254.21 euros x 12 months = 3,050.52. The costs of incorporation of a SL are electronic (the lowest costs for writing and registration are with a share capital of less than 3,100 euros and with standard articles of association and the highest with a capital between 3,000 and 30,000 euros and without articles of association). Type).


              INDEPENDENT SL

              consulting costs 1,060 2,160

              accounting books #25

              Income-Expense Books Unless

              minute books no Yes

              Annual accounts of the commercial register no Yes

              Member Directory no Yes

              In total 1,080 2,240

              Distribution: €1,160

              *Cost calculated for an approximate annual turnover of 60,000 euros and for an annuity.


              INDEPENDENT SL

              Timely VAT Yes / Yes

              Income tax model 130 Unless

              Annual Income Statement Unless

              corporate tax return no Yes

              Annual accounts 347

              Yes / Yes Retentions and payments on account (Mod. 111)

              Yes / Yes TC1 Social Security Contribution Reg. General/RETA


              Annual operational declaration with third parties. ANNUAL COSTS OF ONE EMPLOYEE (1 employee – gross monthly salary 1,300 euros/12 payments)

              gross salary 15,600

              income tax deduction 931.32 (5.97%)

              Costs Sec.Soc. business 4,664.40 (29.9%)

              Social security costs for employees 990.60 (6.35%)

              TOTAL 5,655