The real estate boom of the last few years has favored the creation and development of all kinds of companies related to the industry, as the increase in construction activity has increased the demand for services in the new urban settlements.

Thus, the inevitable consequence of increased demand was greater Offering from businesses dedicated to meeting these community needs.
There were also other causes such as the development of a new form of community with closed areas, different portals and common services (swimming pool, large garden areas …). All this, together with the fact that it is a type of business that does not require large initial investments, has contributed to the growth of the sector.


The situation on the labor market, competition and increasing demand are the factors that have had the greatest impact on the development of this business. Victor Medina, CEO of Serviespaña, SL (, comments: “Since our inception in 1994, the sector has grown at a very good pace. However, the search for qualified personnel was not an obstacle to being able to adequately meet all of the existing needs. Over the years it has become more difficult to find skilled workers and one could even say that there is currently a shortage of skilled workers.”

Don’t forget you One of the pillars of this type of company is the people, and the best way to stay in the industry is to have professional and qualified staff. “The future of the sector is clearly oriented towards greater professionalization of services, which require personnel of high professional and human quality,” says Medina.

Regarding competition, Javier García and Gema López, managing directors of Servicios a Comunidades Movi, SL (91 816 23 48), state that “some companies in the sector engage in unfair competition as they excessively lower market prices”.

Medina adds that “a large part of the companies that have emerged in the face of the thriving business have used wrong business strategies by not respecting the salary payments specified in the agreement, thereby obtaining prices without competition in exchange for personnel and quality its very bad offices. It hurts everyone because there are customers who distrust companies in the industry based on previous bad experiences.”


“Demand and supply will continue to grow because construction has changed; In the future, however, only those companies that offer added value to their customers will survive,” comments Rocío Cuesta, Managing Director of Licusan, SL ( .

Within the sector we find different types of companies that have adapted to the needs of the sector in order to sustain themselves. One of the ways to classify them is the services they offer. Some are specialized or start out with a single product and later expand their offering. Another type has been offering all kinds of services related to maintenance, monitoring and cleaning for a fixed monthly fee since its inception. Finally, there are companies that provide all sorts of services that clients might request and subcontract those that they are not qualified to provide. These companies are diversified enough to offer the opportunity to contract additional products, such as children’s activity leaders during holiday periods.

In terms of the geographic reach of this business, they tend to be more local in general, and at least initially. However, Medina comments: “If we limit ourselves to the spheres of influence close to the premises, the company will not be able to consolidate them. The service must be provided where it is required, but without increasing the limits of profitability exceed.”

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