The companies that won the SIMO Network 2012 Vivero Award for their level of innovation, technological value and applicability, as well as their impact on the market of the product or service presented are Aptent Soluciones (from Madrid), AsYouWish Creations (from Madrid) , Bipsin (from the Balearic Islands), Cubenube (from Madrid), Cuento A2Lenguas (from Andalusia), eCheckin Services (from the Valencian Community), eJusTIC Soluciones (from Madrid), Let It Guide (from the Balearic Islands), LightBee (from the Canary Islands), Mobbitat Mobile Solutions (from the Basque Country), Solidgear (from Castilla y León), Ticarum (from Murcia), Voctro Labs (from Catalonia) and Vvirus Worldwide (from Madrid).

Everyone will be represented with a booth SIMO Network Fair (which will be held from September 25th to 27th at IFEMA in Madrid) and are also qualified for the special prize of 9,000 euros that Fundetec is giving to the best project of the tender, which will be awarded during the fair.

Matching solutions ( COPLA is a platform on-line system based Cloud which allows to adapt and translate audiovisual content of live events or in a digital format to make it accessible to people with visual or hearing impairments, through automatic language recognition technologies, automatic translation, natural language processing, etc.

AsYouWish Creations ( “The Ad Game” is an advertising content competition in which participating viewers are offered gifts and discount vouchers thanks to technology that allows them to interact in real time via web or mobile phone, while advertisers are offered highly interesting information on recognition rates and advertising effectiveness.

bipsin ( Doloexpert is an expert system to support the prognosis, diagnosis and treatment of patients with chronic pain. It uses artificial intelligence and data processing techniques to compare the patient’s clinical data with a large sample of psychosocial markers of chronic pain and identify the most appropriate therapeutic and pharmacological strategies in each case.

cube cloud ( Cubenube is a data services platform based on Cloud Y big data Connect, store and process data from the physical and digital worlds to generate valuable information that supports companies in decision-making. It is a pioneer in its application in the field of agriculture, where it is already used for the intelligent management of olive trees and vineyards.

History of A2Lenguas ( ebiBooks is a system that allows the production and dissemination of texts in bilingual electronic format, focused on the study of languages. The result is a digital book that offers in the visible layer a text in the language you want to learn and synchronizes it with its translation in a lower layer that appears automatically by just clicking on the selected phrase.

eCheckin Services ( The product of the same name is a cloud platform capable of controlling the presence or performance of mobile workers (security, surveillance, maintenance, cleaning, home care) both outdoors and indoors by mobile phone, without the need for any infrastructure is required and provides information to the company in real time.

eJustIC solutions ( eJustic is a pioneering cloud system capable of processing mediation and arbitration files electronically and managing them entirely via the Internet, bringing all the agents involved in contact securely and with full legal guarantees, and offering companies and institutions significant cost and time savings to offer .

Let yourself be guided ( LetItGuide Intranet is a platform for automatically generating mobile applications to promote culture, leisure, hotels, restaurants, etc. Allows the user to create his applications easily personalized by simply embedding the content over the web and automatically publishing it in stores on-line from Apple and Android applications.

light bee ( Lightkey is an application based on VLC (Visible Light Communications System) technology that allows you to use the lightning the mobile photo camera as a personalized access system that can be applied to the car Check in B. in hotels, as a secure payment system or to open garage doors, after installing the appropriate receiver.

Mobile solutions from Mobitat ( Mobbitat Brand allows companies to create their own personalized mobile application with their brand, to offer their customers support at the point of sale through QR codes and to carry out marketing and loyalty actions that facilitate consumer interaction and brand differentiation from the competition at a reasonable price, inexpensively and in a simple manner.

Solidgear ( Applicarte is a mobile application that enriches cultural visits to cities and museums with image recognition technology or augmented reality to provide the user with precise and detailed information about the object or element on which the terminal is focused, even being able to guide him through a given one route or visit.

tikarum ( Fact is a software approved by the tax authority, which allows the creation of authentic copies of documents in electronic and paper formats with the same validity and efficiency as the original, making it easier for organizations to process all procedures in both formats according to their convenience, as well as document manage and file your documents .

Voctro Labs ( It has developed various speech processing technologies for the entertainment industry (cinema, music and video games), such as B. two Spanish-speaking virtual singers sold over the Internet, or a voice transformation system that allows the timbre of a real voice to be modified to suit the voice of different characters in an audiovisual production.

Viruses worldwide ( QR Buy is a mobile application that allows you to shop over the phone using QR codes found in shop windows, marquees, brochures, etc. The scanned products are added to the virtual shopping cart and the payment is formalized through an SMS connected to a web platform that confirms to the seller the delivery address of the product.