Thermal cooling technology

Thermal Cooling Technology: They capture solar energy to convert it into solar thermal

Thermal cooling technology (TCT) is a company founded with the aim of innovating through the development of technologies against climate change and improving and greening air conditioning and heating systems in industrial processes. To do this, “we have developed a range of technologies, culminating in a 100% renewable solar concentrator called TCT RED, which is a smart bowl that captures the sun’s energy to convert it into solar thermal energy for heating. Water, industrial water and process heat (including steam), in all industrial sectors,” he explains Raphael AnsonFounder, along with Marcelo on the left Y Rodrigo Hernandez.

TCT, together with the CSIC, is completing an R&D project to develop an aerothermal heat pump with an absorption cycle that will reduce the power consumption of conventional aerothermal machines by more than 10 times and will not use fluorinated gases. These gases have a global warming potential that is a thousand times higher than that of CO2. “Our goal is to offer a new concept of solar energy. Our developments can achieve efficiencies of 88% in relation to their catchment area. We want to help fight climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions like no other renewable product has done before.”


SeeDCash: “Fintech” for managing the finances of small businesses and freelancers

They got to know each other in a previous professional life and have since Teresa Nunez Y Maria Barriocanal They “dreamed” of building a very simple treasury management application that would help small business owners secure their collections and their liquidity, and that would require no effort or special knowledge of financial management or technology to manage them.

“Our knowledge of the company’s treasury and our vision of the real needs of customers stand in contrast to many focus group with business people and entrepreneurs. This is how we created after two years of intensive work SeeDCash. The result is a very intuitive and simple application, but with complete functionalities useful even for large companies.” SeeDCash creates the treasury plan, compiles and collects the short, medium and long-term collection and payment forecasts of the various bank accounts managed by the company and compares them daily with the actual movements of the bank, which the application automatically retrieves. “This provides the financier and the CEO of the company with all the information in the form of liquidity indicators and alerts that each company customizes to its needs to facilitate decision-making. The application also diagnoses possible treasury errors and notifies the user about it. The configuration of the application is minimal and daily use takes only a few minutes,” emphasizes Núñez.

Jaimito agency

Jaimito Agency: Independent advertising agency with collaborative creative processes

With several years of experience in advertising design, graphic design, marketing and public relations, Marina Garcia Y Alfredo Sanchez They felt that there was a real disconnect between companies and their advertising agencies, “because a lot of today’s companies and startups have changed, but advertising agencies continue to behave the way they did before,” says García, his partner at the university Pompeu met Fabra while studying and has a degree in Advertising and Public Relations. But it wasn’t until years later that they decided to start Jaimito agency .

“We are an independent advertising agency. We offer a new agency model that uses collaborative methods in our creative processes. We are rethinking the way companies deal with their advertising agencies and adapting to the way of working and current needs.” Among other things, they run advertising campaigns offline and onlinecorporate identity, designation, Tell stories, network, video and brand experience. “The main problem was finding clients, because unlike many start-up agencies that are created with several important clients “under the arm”, we started our activity with practically none. This did not stop us, but on the contrary encouraged us to find a value proposition and differentiated services, to know how to pass them on and above all to satisfy every new customer. This last fact has brought us more projects, either through repeat or because they recommend us to others.”

Mediterranean Superfoods Team

Mediterranean Superfoods: “E-Commerce” specializing in the bulk sale of “Superfoods”

Under the premise of promoting the sustainability of human and planetary health, Mediterranean superfoods has specialized in the research and development of so-called “superfoods”. “We are the first Ecommerce specialized in wholesale of nutritious food with organic certification. That way, users only buy the amount of product they need and don’t create waste,” he explains. Diego CastroFounder, along with Carlo Mueller, Ignatius GubianaYes Kim Sorensenthis company.

In addition, they use biodegradable packaging to ship the products and work with transport companies that comply with environmental management regulations that reduce CO2 emissions. “The products are gluten-free, without additives, without added colors or preservatives and free from genetically modified organisms. They are also of plant origin, so ideal for vegans and vegetarians,” he emphasizes.

Know the market. These entrepreneurs, who have years of experience in nutritional advice and public relations and in companies related to the world of ecology, conducted studies on the competition, the digital market, the goal Y buyer person, took polls and made a beta testing Previous. “We met thanks to our passion to find the most effective and high-performing products, with the best price ratio so that they are accessible
in the whole world. We do not offer anything that we do not believe in or that we would not consume ourselves. We believe that the ecological should not be at odds with the economic.”

70 percent of their customers are women between the ages of 35 and 50, whom they provide nutritional information and culinary recipes to help them incorporate “superfoods” into their dishes.

Appointable Team. Image by Kike Taberner

Designable: Individual houses and sustainable buildings

renew in the property It’s easy because there’s a lot to improve. The really difficult thing is to implement it,” he affirms. Andrew PeralesFounder, along with Paul Bertolinout of Appointable, specializing in the design of custom homes and sustainable buildings in inner cities. “In our case, we are turning the real estate industry upside down to make it more transparent, simpler and more sustainable. To do this, we have designed a new production model for sustainable buildings in inner cities, with which we are also helping to reduce the (mis)use of the car.”

In this sense, Perales explains that “until now we have known the traditional promotion and the cooperative. Our model is a hybrid of both, bringing out the best in each. What we get is a model that offers less risk, more transparency, better traceability of the buyer’s money and lowers the final price by 15% compared to traditional advertising. In addition, the entire process is digital, which improves the user experience and eliminates middlemen who do not add value.”

Personalization. One of Designable’s hallmarks is customization. “All of our projects share the same values: sustainable buildings in city centers where the customer always has the first and last word. They can completely customize their homes, both the distribution, the finishes and the equipment. This adaptation guarantees the satisfaction of future neighbors.” In addition, Designable’s buildings “fit a certain lifestyle, a sustainable style. No building is built that is not necessary. And we also help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Cities produce 75% of the carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere. 25% is generated by buildings and 17% by private car use. If the buildings are sustainable and there is no car, the environmental benefits are obvious.” The founders of Designable initially invested around 350,000 euros, which they mainly spent on building the team, marketing, branding and to digitize the user experience when buying a home.