Regardless of whether it is an environmental or social project, the aim of environment is always to make it profitable. however, acknowledges its CEO, Agustin Valentin Gamazothat the squeamishness is greater when social matters are mixed with finances. “Maybe it’s because in this case you’re working with people who you’re ultimately dealing with,” he says.

The green entrepreneurship network, Enviroo, celebrated the premiere of the event, as it is christened, last weekend in Santander social weekend whose aim is to promote social entrepreneurship. They are thus continuing the brand’s path, which they established in 2013 with the initiative Green weekend Incentives for environmental projects that have already resulted in more than 50 projects involving 500 entrepreneurs and whose model has been adopted by the main Spanish provinces

The same is to be done with social entrepreneurship, by organizing weekend events where business ideas that solve societal challenges in principle at the local level and are economically sustainable “without easements, dependency on grants, subsidies or the like . It’s about creating businesses that generate income,” explains Valentín-Gamazo.

Help single parent families

Santander City Council was the first sponsor to join the new Enviroo initiative, which took place on the third weekend of June. It was attended by a group of 23 entrepreneurs who contributed 13 ideas that were submitted for judging by mentors and ranked entrepreneurs Catherine Parrafounder of Make it happen either Ruth Carrascofrom increase. The jury finally decided that the association’s project majuka He deserved first prize. The idea put forward by Pilar Carrero is to set up day care centers and offer babysitting services to help single-parent families.

The awards are aimed at developing the business idea and consist of mentoring by the Enviroo partner social nestas well as advice for 3 months computer designa company specializing in innovation applied, among other things, to the transformation of ideas into business models.

a franchise company

Valentín-Gamazo expressed his intention to repeat the experience at least three more times before the end of the year, trusting that the initiative will gain momentum until it is replicated across Spain without specifying the Enviroo organization. In any case, they will continue to provide the sponsorships received at national level, but from now on they will participate in the local sponsorships received from the various organizations affiliated to the program. “It’s a way to make the project scalable. We cannot demand economic sustainability from all the companies we support and cannot transfer history to ourselves,” says Agustín.

The methodology used is similar to that of environmental projects and although in principle it aims at ideas with a local impact, they trust that many of the companies developed can be extrapolated to other geographic points, thereby amplifying the impact. both socially and economically,” he emphasizes.

Next step: entrepreneurship in rural areas

Enviroo was launched in 2013 as a portal for recruiting professionals for environmental companies. Since then it has opened successive branches of business, leading to a specialization in organizing events to help entrepreneurs in areas such as environmental and social issues. They also white label services for institutions like city halls to set up programs similar to theirs. They also offer turnkey initiatives for business organizations or accelerators. The next step, as announced by Enviroo’s CEO, will be to transfer the model of their initiatives to the rural sector.

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