Sergio Mayenco ran a company operating in the pool product bottling market. “We have seen that this type of product is widespread in Europe and that the selling prices are high.” He decided to buy 100% of the company and focus on manufacturing and selling disinfection and hygiene tablets. “Basically, we make replacement tablets for liquid bleach. Each tablet of solid bleach replaces the typical squirt of bleach poured into an 8 or 10 liter dishwashing bucket. It is a product innovation little known in Spain but sold in large quantities in neighboring countries such as France, England or Italy. And they’re available in malls,” Mayenco explains. This industrial engineer used his previous company’s expertise in manufacturing tablets with rotary machines and dedicated himself to finding large consumer customers (supermarkets) to launch the product. “One has to consider that a 160 gram bottle contains 48 pills [como el que muestra en la foto]Equivalent to four liters of traditional liquids, saving on packaging and transport, reducing the weight of the shopping basket and therefore lowering environmental costs.”

Mayenco conducted a cost analysis and asked suppliers for prices, both for raw materials and packaging. He advised purchase and sales prices to the end customer, “and we saw that we could be competitive because of the production and structure costs”. This entrepreneur also knew that his natural market is export and since 2012, the year of his launch, 95% of his turnover comes from France, Belgium, Portugal, Italy and various African countries. And it’s working to reach more countries in the European Union, Latin America, the US and Asia.


The initial investment was around 700,000 euros

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