Spain, reference destination for artificial intelligence

Nobody has escaped since Artificial intelligence It is one of the technologies that will shape the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the medium and long term. In this context, large telecommunications and technology companies are opening large research and development centers, many of which are located in Spain.

For example, Microsoft has announced the creation of a new artificial intelligence center of excellence in Barcelona, ​​which will employ around 100 people in the city of Barcelona. Likewise Vodafone, which the city of Málaga chose from among seven European cities to build a new technological development center with 600 professionals; either Googlewhich has installed its cybersecurity competence center in the city, as part of a strategy in which it will invest 530 million euros.

One of the main reasons for the big tech companies to install their artificial intelligence centers in Spain is that geographical location. 98% of Internet traffic is transmitted via submarine cables, so the country’s situation is unbeatable, both given its proximity to emerging Africa and the Mediterranean and European countries.

additionally time zone is another strength of the country, as experts explain Business Insider. These centers dedicated to artificial intelligence can serve the whole world: in the morning to the countries further east on the map; and in the afternoon to the United States, Canada and Latin America.

Spain’s role in artificial intelligence is under threat

However, there is one factor that threatens Spain’s role in the field of artificial intelligence in the future: the Lack of qualified professionals. In this sense, companies show a discrepancy between the profiles demanded and those offered on the market, a problem that affects 60% of companies.

It is precisely in the technology sector that there is a lack of qualified workers. Experts in artificial intelligence or cybersecurity are conspicuous by their absence, despite the high salaries paid in the industry. For example, an employee with training in these areas may charge a fee from 30,000 euros per year directly after graduation up to 90,000 euros per year for the most specialized profiles.

In this context, companies specializing in artificial intelligence are looking for workers outside of Spain. The good weather and the possibility of teleworking have given new impetus to this trend in recent months, with destinations such as Tenerife among the preferred destinations for international workers to spend a season or even settle permanently.

However, apprenticeship curricula need to be restructured to focus on the sectors that will be most in demand in the future and to give less weight to other professions that are becoming obsolete. A first step is the reform of the Vocational Training Act, with which vocational school students can acquire a vocational qualification certificate in just three months. Although, moreover, it is imperative to urgently give to others …

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