The NT-101 will be a classic model, tinted blue with indigo and no washes looking for one search Second hand. Committed to the philosophy of not using any animal additives, the label is not made of leather, but embroidered and provided with the inscription Made in green which will certify AITEX, the Alcoy Textile Technological Institute. In terms of fabrics, the denim is made from natural fibers of organic cotton and polyester, obtained from the recycling of plastic bottles. Every step of the process is entirely made in Spain, including pattern making and clothing. The market price will be around €80.

Those in charge know that the price can be high in Spain but are not overly concerned target market moves more to the center and north of Europe, where the ecological trend and the culture slow fashion 23% of the population in Germany is interested, compared to 4% in Germany. However, they will use the local market to test the product and ensure the production model and quality control. Nintendo is therefore born with one international prospecting they plan to do in 2016.

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But not only sustainability and environmental protection are the attributes that bring them together to define their jeans.Tony Franch Egeaalong with his brother founding partner of Ninto Franciscoinsists on highlighting the ethical value of the proposal in the sense that it tries to slow down the consumption chain and that “it’s not the same to make a pair of jeans for 4-6 euros a piece in Asia than to move them to Spain,” he says sympathetically with the workers – and social problems of the country.

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The initial investment has been made €15,000 from their own capital, although they hope to increase resources through a €4,000 campaign crowdfunding who are active ( However, the main obstacle was more than money to find suppliers of certified organic raw materials.

Website in several languages

The website is their first sales channel and they will soon be translating it into English and German. They also have sworn agreements to distribute theirs Jeans included in the concept in multi-brand stores slow fashion. They founded the company on January 1st, 2013 and while they have yet to release their first collection, expectations are pointing towards the reckoning €42,345 At the end of the year.

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