The fourth industrial revolution is already looming with major changes in which startups have a lot to say. In the third Virtual South Summit, organized by South Summit and IE University, entrepreneurs and large corporations with a focus on Industry 4.0 laid the foundations for this change, which they summarize as follows:

Digitization, a transversal challenge

In Industry 4.0, everything is interconnected through cloud computing programs and systems, the Internet of Things, Big Data… the so-called “digital enablers” enable the digitization of all processes and the interaction of all machines via connected platforms (Internet of Things). In it, for example, one of the five participating startups as a finalist Virtual South Summit It was QARTECH Innovations, one project founded in Murcia specialized in IoT, blockchain and hardware sensor technologies, particularly related to the design, development and commercialization of air quality sensor devices for industry.

On Demand Manufacturing

The customer is at the center of the entire Industry 4.0 strategy. A hyperconnected client and a changing demand that entails producing a product that can be consumed and tested from any device, with constant reporting of customer satisfaction data.

Intelligent production lines

One of the keys to this fourth industrial revolution is artificial intelligence (AI). “The automation of processes and the fact that machines can learn from their own mistakes and develop further will shape the development of the industry,” assures Michael Vardi. Co-founder and CBO of Valerann. In fact, there is already a code-free analytics platform that allows Industrial IoT users to apply machine learning. ellipsea startup finalist in this virtual, specializes in automating AI models, integrating knowledge directly into key IoT data management tools, making applications smarter.

Open innovation

The big players in the industry have to rely on startups to implement new digital processes in which they are more agile and innovative. Some companies, like those who attended this Virtual South Summit, are already very aware of this challenge. Some of the most prominent participants were Vodafone, Huawei, Prosegur, Orange, Accenture, LogiFruit, Iberia, Aqualia, IBM, Cuatrecasas, Sacyr, Ikea, Tecnalia, Faber, Mutua Madrileña, CEMEX VENTURES, Elewit (Red Eléctrica), Oracle, Ferrovial, Projekt A

Internet security

The paradigm shift triggered by Industry 4.0 has enhanced the digital capabilities of many industries. However, it has also opened the doors to serious cybersecurity risks that can threaten any industrial operation with impact damage. This is the risk it solves risk book the winner of the competition of this Virtual South Summit. The project, of English origin, aims to offer the entire supply chain all the necessary tools for third-party risk management (TPRM).

Optimized supply chains

The products that enter and leave factories can constantly vary and need to be adapted, both in the raw materials used in the production process and in the end product that leaves them. hand plus robotics makes it easy for industrial robots to pack difficult items in demanding environments. This virtual finalist startup has created an APP+ software platform that allows for quick and easy implementation of custom solutions.

smart storage

Rely on intelligent labeling devices and more efficient warehouse organization to reduce large warehouse centers. In the face of a changing reality, it makes no sense to stock large batches of products and it makes sense to rely on these processes with a rapid adjustment of demand. In fact, optimizing and replenishing inventory works fluiditya startup finalist at the Virtual South Summit held yesterday, who has developed a SaaS to connect companies on a network to optimize their inventories and thus limit costs and avoid bottlenecks without the need to exchange sensitive data.

“The data is out there waiting for us to tell the story. We need to find the “data points” that address the diverse needs of our business,” affirms Blanca Galletero, AVP Head of Partners EMEA at Splunk.

Training and constant adaptation

Employees of the fourth industrial revolution are flexible specialists. Like entrepreneurs, they need to know how to adapt to the needs of a rapidly changing marketplace. Among the skills most in demand, they must know how to manage data storage, its management and interpretation, they must be experts in customer relations, cybersecurity managers who protect all these processes from cyber threats, cloud computing or robotics experts, programmers… But also management experts who bring man and machine into an optimal relationship because they coexist throughout the entire production process.

New opportunities

Distribution and logistics are two key areas of Industry 4.0. How can you send the products quickly and customized to your needs? These are two of the most important questions that will be asked during this Virtual South Summit on Industry 4.0. In any case, as assured by Victor Álvarez, CEO of Situm Technologies, “it is a revolution that has come to stay, it is already a reality that is changing the sector”.

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