They form the perfect tandem. Two experts in electronic commerce (the brothers Cristina and David Bañuelos) and two in a very specialized market (also the brothers Tomás and José María Valdés, who own a pharmacy in Santander). “We saw an opportunity in the field of online parapharmacy because although there are many projects, some of which are very interesting, there is no benchmark in this sector. Almost all projects come from pharmacies that have been commissioned to create a website and use it as an additional sales channel. With this idea, we looked for pharmacists who could join the project and we contacted Tomás and José María,” explains Cristina, who also emphasizes that only four months have passed from the first meeting to the opening of the store.

FarmaciaClub is an online distributor of Parapharmacy, Cosmetic & Beauty Products, Maternal & Baby Products, Herbal Medicine, Health & Veterinary Medicine and much more. “Our EcommerceIn addition to a very extensive catalog (more than 2,000 products) and the lowest prices, it offers proximity and professionalism. For this we have pharmacists who contribute their vision and respond directly to customer inquiries by all possible means (telephone, Chatemail, social networks, Whatsapp…),” he emphasizes.

The partners have invested around 50,000 euros. “Since the birth in February 2012, the billing has grown at a good pace. Our forecast for 2012 is 250,000 euros.”

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