A slow entrepreneur is a dead entrepreneur. Those who pursue a strategy of conservatismto keep doing what we always do and the one who thinks things should stay the way they are (in short, it’s always been done that way and so far it hasn’t gone bad for us!), their days are numbered. Like the dinosaurs, the only trace left of them will soon reside forever in the newspaper archives of the business press. And a little more. Your businesses will be flower one day.

This is the theory that develops the book Speed ​​Marketing (Editorial Planeta Empresa), written by Entrepreneurs Deputy Director Fernando Montero. And where did this idea come from? Well, neither more nor less than the opinions and experiences of the great Spanish entrepreneurs of the moment. A few young entrepreneurs who have left us all open-mouthed for their creativity, daring and for developing imaginative actions that have shown remarkable effectiveness. And what are the common ingredients and characteristics that define speed marketing techniques? These are just some of them:


he is tireless search for opportunities it often leads to courageous entrepreneurs becoming pioneers who discover new markets. At the beginning They are usually about small niches, but over time they can take on large dimensions. Having a pioneering spirit is a trait shared by many successful entrepreneurs. A quality that this two functions:

Cracked. The scarcity of resources can be offset by a large dose of fearlessness. They adopt creative and heterodox solutions that are unthinkable in large companies.

They usually know their industry very well. But beyond that, they are very permeable when it comes to introducing innovations that surprise the market.

A good example of the entrepreneur with a pioneering profile is the serial entrepreneur Javier Pérez Dolset, Founder and President of Grupo Zed. Pérez Dolset is the architect who built a major Spanish multinational selling entertainment and community products and services for mobile devices and the web. “I don’t know if I’m ahead of my time, but we’ve always been ahead of the others… It’s often said that the pioneers are ‘eaten by the Indians’, but they’re also the ones who discover new territories and great treasures “says Perez Dolset.

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