The drama has arrived. You are in a trendy restaurant and you ran out of battery to take pictures of the appetizers and upload them to all social networks. Jokes aside, the biggest downside of the smart phone It’s the short life of its battery and if you’re using it as another work tool, you’ll be lucky if you come home with more than 10%. Manuel Lopez Y Juan Andres Fernandez They also recognized this situation and decided to solve it in a special way.

They have developed some wireless chargers that instead of targeting them to a general public, they have decided to market them among other companies such as restaurants, hotels, events or other leisure facilities. His strengths are a design very meticulous, minimalistic, light and customizable for your customers. «The idea is that, for example, at a business lunch they do not break the choreography of the restaurant, or that a hotel lends it to its guests at the reception or uses it outside the facilities. It is a different service and a way to a value added their customers,” explains López.

Both Manuel and Juan Andrés, architect and businessman respectively, had encountered the problem of having to charge their mobile phones when traveling or attending meetings outside of the office and had never found a solution, so they started to investigate and conduct a small study by inquiring about restaurants in their area, from which they received very positive feedback. This prompted him to develop one application for iOS and Android that finds establishments that have Inload for their customers.

Its model consists of selling packs of 5 chargers at a price of 387 euros, with a customization service and the possibility of renewing the equipment annually. They also offer it to rent, with commercial sales support, equipment exchange and free proof of concept. They invested €100,000 in the product and another €20,000 in advertising to promote the brand and expect to end the year with sales of €200,000.

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