Dokify is a solution whose aim is to reduce the effort and costs that companies have to comply with the so-called coordination of activities Business (FALLS DOWN). in a business model B2B, its main customers are divided into two groups: the large customers or main companies and their suppliers. Both can be based on different price plans, e.g annual vacation to benefit from yours cloud service.

By creating a collaborative business network Connected, the platform offers the possibility to access all documents required by law or requested by customers on topics as diverse as occupational safety, employee training, environmental compliance or the qualification of internal or external specialists. The only necessary requirement is to have a browser and join Dokify, regardless of system compatibility, updating documents or barriers to access another Work Center. To formulate a practical case, let’s imagine the documentation that a storekeeper of a certain brand enters a large area in which he moves at will. To solve such cases, Dokify manages millions of documents.

Once and for all

Dokify takes responsibility for validate documentation in the cloud, the visual conveyance of information such as the use of the color green when appropriate requirements are met and red when they are not. So far there are more than 12,000 companies those who have registered and 116,000 employees, both from the main companies and from the suppliers. The greatest value of the tool is to encourage the convergence of everyone on the same platform, sharing a single system and avoiding repetitive actions that add no value to the business but require effort. Dokify estimates indicate a 80% savings of costs and labor that companies allocate to this item.

From experience

John Medina is the sole administrator of Dokify. He knows what his contribution means because he himself has suffered from these disruptions as a service provider in the telecommunications sector. After various developments, he founded the company with a vision to solve the problem of supply chain management not only for the main companies, but for all those involved in the service, contractors and subcontractors. He founded the company in 2011 and already has 20 employees.

Carrying out the technological development and its implementation required an investment close to 1.5 million euros, bearing in mind that one of Juan Medina’s priorities was to recruit “the best software engineers” for the team. Dokify has experienced steady annual growth since its inception and hopes to finish the year with one million euros be invoiced. It is not without reason that names such as Alcampo, Iberdrola, Bimbo and Nokia, along with all of its suppliers, are among its customers. They are also already present in Chile and Portugal.

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