Patxi Otamendi had no contact with the energy sector, but he imported and exported all kinds of products, such as building materials. He chose the field of renewable energies because this came up more and more frequently in discussions with his business contacts and because Spain also emerged as a potential market for solar energy.


He started the company with an initial investment of 600,000 euros Tamesol, specializing in the production and sale of products and systems for thermal solar energy and photovoltaic solar energy, as well as products for small wind energy and products that ensure energy efficiency. “Our innovation lies in finding solutions based on renewable energies for existing market needs. For example, the island photovoltaic system, which makes it possible to generate a minimum of energy for self-consumption in regions where there is no established electricity grid.

Our The R&D department is made up of Enerel Engineering and various research teams from the University of Girona” emphasizes Óscar Cumí, who joined Otamendi when the company wanted to enter the Spanish market and significantly increase exports. “My profile was a perfect fit for me as I have extensive experience in team management and this way I was able to relieve Patxi of responsibility so that he had more time to focus on increasing the company’s exports.”

Exactly Tamesol has immersed itself in a process of international expansion to reach Portugal, Italy, Greece, Morocco, Honduras and other Latin American countries.


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