The managing director of Teixidors, Juan Ruiz, explains that it is a company “dedicated to the manufacture of handcrafted fabrics from noble materials (wool, linen, cotton, silk…) and since its inception people in the trained in the art of hand weaving, with the aim of achieving their social and professional integration”.

Since 1985, this cooperative has combined crafts with business administration and a social spirit with the aim of creating jobs for people with learning difficulties. In this task, the manual character is in the foreground. “We have reproduced an infrastructure that has disappeared from the textile industry due to technological development. We have the different phases of the process based on a vertical structure. For us, this type of organization fulfills an educational function without sacrificing the functionality of the process, as we can see how the contribution of personal work transforms the raw material to the final product,” emphasizes Ruiz. Teixidors even made his own looms to get started, eventually taking on weaving commissions for other artisans and art schools.

Of the obstacles that had to be overcome, the manager highlights the three most important. “We had to compensate for the lack of training in the trades with the normal training circles. In addition, it was necessary to face the lack of a specific distribution channel and a mature public that appreciates the artisanal product, as is the case in most European countries. And we saw a lack of confidence on the part of financial institutions to support the project in the same way they would any other company,” he explains.

For an initiative of this nature, Ruiz is clear that the mainstays have been “differentiation, the perception that there is something about this object that makes it different. There are no recipes, but the key is a good team, a lot of work and a vision for the future.”

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