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The year we will leave will remain in the collective imagination as the year of the pandemic. 2020 has been a year in which all forecasts have been cut, but it is still necessary to look to the future. Of course, the coronavirus is still with us and for this reason we must be realistic in the forecasts made, which must be based on both observation and experience. “This applies to our marketing department, which has a high degree of adaptability,” he explains. Lydia CastillejoHead of Business Development for the email marketing platform Acrelia Acrelia is an email marketing platform designed to design, send and monitor any email marketing campaign completely and effectively.

The expert believes that the most relevant trends for the next 12 months will keep the context of the global pandemic very much in mind. “Socially and professionally, we have learned to interact and relate differently, and marketing has taken that into account and will take that into account in the coming months.” According to this forecast, these are the 10 trends that this expert believes to consider in email marketing for 2021.

1. Hyperpersonalization

The pandemic has also changed the way we engage in email marketing, and users aren’t content to be called by name: they want something tailored just for them. Dynamic content lets you segment into small groups to fully personalize messages and avoid losing those who typically opt out when promotions don’t suit their interests.

2. Storytelling

Users would rather read an interesting story than a massive message. They want something that will shock them and grab their attention, not everyone’s. Using storytelling is one way to achieve this by conveying values ​​in a clear and easily readable way.

3. Plain text

An easy way to stand out is with text-only messages. As a result, not all campaigns are filled with images of products waiting for the recipient to want to buy one. It is normal to use very visual templates, therefore the simplicity of sending a letter or notification is restored almost without images.

4. Interaction

Thanks to the application of the AMP project (Accelerated Mobile Pages or in Spanish Accelerated Mobile Pages) to emails, messages can be enriched to add interactions and the user does not have to leave his manager to fill out a questionnaire and navigate between a carousel move images or confirm your attendance at an event. A high impact is achieved because it is dynamic and personalized.

5. Colors

Colors give meaning, both corporate colors and those that can be incorporated into the design of a specific campaign. Luxury, romance or ecology are associated with black, red and green, for example. More and more email marketing campaigns are using the psychology of color to evoke emotion and inspire action.

6. Videos

While it hasn’t been considered best practice for years, integrating video into email marketing has proven effective across all channels, including ad campaigns that showcase products, as it captures the user’s attention .

7. Custom Images

If videos succeed, so do personalized images. With this option you can add dynamic fields to coupons, congratulations or thanks, among other things. The effect is impressive because it’s still not common to see your name on it, but it’s the best way to personalize and appeal to the user even more of you.

8. Mobile

We are separating less and less from mobile, which is why campaigns need to be prepared more than ever for each device and the location of the conversion. In addition, emails can be combined with SMS for a specific action, e.g. E.g. Black Friday.

9. Investments

Investing in marketing has always been important to keeping the business going, and doing so in email campaigns has proven good, even during the pandemic when many more messages than usual were being sent, as was the case in Acrelia . That’s why the platform sees an increase in this investment as we’ve seen the Post’s profitability improve in 2020.

10. GDPR

Obtaining and maintaining subscriber consent is essential to engage in email marketing. The good thing about caring about your privacy is that we make sure they really want to receive what we send them and that’s why the stats are better than if it’s not compliant with the RGPD (in addition to that it is illegal).

cases from practice

Some professionals in the digital world have already proven the success of implementing digital email marketing strategies in traditional businesses. Israel Bravo, one of the best-known Spanish-language copywriters, claims to make more than $1,000 a day writing emails for clients. He is the one who explains to us some of the techniques that he performs himself with his clients or that he himself has experienced as a buyer. The copywriter provides 5 examples that any company can implement easily and in many cases even free of charge:

Email Marketing to Fill Breweries

“We’re not used to that bar of our lives where we drank a thousand and one beers over the weekend, email us but what if it was now? And not to ask us for help at the moment of his crisis, but to tell us stories that captivate us and to invite us to an aperitif on Saturday.

Isra Bravo explains how he did this with a brewery in the town where he lives:

“I have been preparing a series of emails for a week with the aim of filling them out on Saturday before 2 p.m. and announcing the aperitif to be given this weekend. I was emailing from Monday to Friday and on Saturday people didn’t fit into the premises. And every time we repeat the strategy, the same thing happens.”

Email marketing in small cinemas

In this case, the experience meant that a small theater will increase ticket sales by 30% by sending out emails reminding them of the play for the next few days. But not only that, but also make a contribution that gives ideas for everything that could be done later. Where to eat, where to drink, how to get there, etc.

Email marketing in a toy store

Another real-world example is that of a toy store that also uses email marketing to retain its customers.

“In this case, the toy store asks its customers for their mail in exchange for a 5% discount. Once they give it to you, start an email relationship with them. For example, customers regularly receive emails from the toy store telling them that the customers feel close to them, creating a bond of trust that turns a first-time customer into a repeat customer. “It’s a way for customers to repeat purchases that wouldn’t have happened without those emails.”

Harness the power of email to tell stories

According to Isra Bravo, “It’s not enough to send emails reminding you of the appetizer or work, you have to do it Accompany this email with stories from real people. People love that they tell us stories that make us laugh, get excited, make us feel identified, and ultimately connect with the person on the other side. Sending emails is fine, but if they don’t contribute, if they don’t inspire, they don’t have the same impact.”

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