Luis Monge Malo He presents himself as “a sales-loving engineer” who specializes in B2B and has many recipes on how to sell better. He was also co-founder and sales director of Entradium, a company with which he generated sales of more than 20 million euros in five years using his sales techniques. These observations correspond to him, with which he tries to refute 5 supposed “truths” that are repeated ad nauseam in sales increase courses, workshops or webinars.

According to him, these are the 5 most repeated “lies” in the world of sales that will not only improve results, but also contribute to your professional deterioration.

1. “Underpromise, lore”

Although there is no exact translation for this phrase, its meaning is synonymous with “low promise and high deliver”. According to Monge, this strategy, which is generally recommended because it is always better to surprise better than bad, can become an insult to the profession. “You have to offer what is delivered. The goal is not to impress, but to present a service that matches its value for money and, above all, to improve the customer’s life. Looking for a surprise or giving away part of the service would underestimate the work,” he states.

2. Generate demand

Every company knows its needs better than anyone else. And since they are usually quite a few, the least they want is for a salesperson to come along and add new ones they hadn’t even thought of. “It is important to know how to identify the problems that hurt the client. If we know how to recognize them, it will be easier for us to offer a possible solution.”

3. Resolve any objections

Resolving one objection after the other with the aim of being able to resolve them all is another big lie besides utopia. “The customer will always have objections. Not only can we not solve them all, but it would also be counterproductive: the customer would be frustrated and we would lose them. The goal in B2B should not be to eliminate all objections, but to get the customer to demand our performance. If you need us, we’ve won.”

4. Try to change quickly

The benefit of constant experimentation, speed, and haste is another widely accepted lie. Monge refuses the use of rapid tests and the use of any technique or product for a short period of time. “Selling is perseverance,” he says, recommending taking the time to try to understand the customer, know their needs, and gain their complicity.

5. The customer is always right

“This is not just a sales lie, it is the biggest lie in human history. The customer is almost never right, another thing is that we have to be careful with it, deal with the lie and keep the secret.”

If the customer were always right, according to the expert, “we would have no chance and no room for maneuver in the sales world”. The ideal is to reach a point where we can convince the customer that they are wrong and that we can start an enriching conversation.

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