Build your site Google has launched this initiative for the second time to help entrepreneurs create their own website for free and with advice. In addition, the program includes help and assistance in creating online stores (also free) and a number of benefits thanks to the support of the project’s employees: Google itself with freebie coupons; with discounts on hosting; MRW, with special prices for packages; Banco Santander with its payment gateway and Orange with cheap telephony tariffs.

web matrix With this tool from the giant Microsoft, anyone can create their website in a simple and completely personalized way, even without computer skills. A complete tool that includes a database editor, web server management, search engine optimization (SEO), among others.

Lightning Swirl Another free tool, but in this case it is recommended for creating pages with Flash elements such as banners or custom buttons for advertising campaigns. It stands out for its ease of use, which allows you to use it even if you have no idea about Flash programming.

Ecommerce Programs

PrestaShop It’s the most popular open-source ecommerce solution out there, despite being one of the last to hit the market. An ideal tool for small and medium-sized businesses, although it may be limited for larger companies. It has a large community of developers that give you access to hundreds of features. Fast (in 10 minutes you’ll have your store ready), intuitive and easy to use despite being a very complete tool. for John Merodio, “A great CMS and very suitable for starting out in e-commerce as it allows you to have your complete online store at a very low cost. Of course, if your company is growing or has more than 1,000 references, it is advisable to switch to custom development.”.

Magento It is the favorite for large companies thanks to its great flexibility and scalability to adapt to businesses of all sizes. A very comprehensive tool that allows you to create multi-stores, fully customize the website and has 5,000+ MagentoConnect extensions. On the downside, it’s difficult to install and manage for people with little technology knowledge. To use it you must have professionals. In addition, a heavy tool can force you to resort to expensive hosting services.

os commerce Another favorite among the open source solutions, although it has lagged behind the previous two due to its design limitations. However, it is fair to point out that among its advantages, the possibility of integrating multiple languages ​​and managing shipments by zones, weight ranges, etc. stands out. On the contrary, despite the simplicity of the initial installation, many modules have to be added to create the store, which complicates the starting process.

Shopify. A good e-commerce tool based on the SaaS formula, with free and premium versions, very complete for managing your orders. In addition, it puts at your disposal a technical support that will help you solve any problem that may arise. It has an app store with more than 60 applications to add new features as your business grows. As for the price, there are different modalities that can range from 22 euros to 535 euros per month.

3eTrade One of the most complete tools on the market, recognized by the Gartner Group consultancy as the best international platform in SaaS mode. It contains all the necessary modules for the different areas of business: from email marketing, CRM, ERP, project manager, e-commerce, point-of-sale management, business intelligence… It allows you to work from anywhere and from anywhere to be connected with your company from all kinds of devices. It is available in eight languages. Depending on the needs of the respective company, the modules can be purchased separately or as a complete package. For the smallest (self-employed and micro-SMEs) there is a mini version that costs 20 euros per month. For larger ones, the costs start at 30 euros per month for each module (and for two users) and add 5 euros for each additional module, up to a maximum of 50 euros per month.
One of its strengths is the CRM module, which has an agreement with the Institute for Foreign Trade (ICEX) so that all companies accepted into the PIPE program can access it for a year free of charge to tackle an internationalization process or export . A very useful tool for companies that want to have different websites in different countries, since all the sales that take place in each of them can be automatically synchronized.

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