kmine It is «a patent of the entrepreneurs Ignacio Mañero and Alejandro Vañó from San Sebastian. His innovation are ergonomic crutches that reduce pain from use in the hands and wrists, since they have cushioning and an inclined support that distributes the weight on the forearm. Mañero and Vañó sought funding on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform and received a great response from volunteers from around the world who contributed more than €21,000 to develop the product. The invention is a revolution for crutches, a hitherto forgotten area, Kmina is already available in points of sale across the country».

Detector Madrid is «an innovative smoke detector invented and developed by three entrepreneurs from the Madrid Fire Department. DTM is an effective smoke detector that only needs to be hung on the lintel, giving every home an accurate and easy-to-use security device. With their invention, these firefighters want to make homes safer and save many lives.”

SafeGas, a “gas detector unique in the world, patented by Antonio Frades from Jerez and developed by the Andalusian company SafeBuild. It is a smart device designed to prevent fires and explosions caused by gas leaks. With a simple installation in every home, the device automatically cuts off the power supply when it detects a gas leak, in addition, its intelligent system notifies the user’s mobile phone to report the incident. The system has a version for commercial kitchens that can shut off the gas supply and stop the leak. Without a doubt, another invention that will save many lives in 2018.

Gyro Headlight is «an innovative system for motorcycle headlights that solves the problem of the deviation of the light beam when leaning in curves. This state-of-the-art safety system, patented by Catalan Brian Chica, is the only one in the world that incorporates an electronic gyroscope to keep the road lit when cornering, regardless of lean angle. This is a solution that increases driving safety and will make a major contribution to reducing the number of victims of road traffic accidents.”

pipepet it is an invention Pet friendly created by Antonio Perales from Madrid and designed for the comfort of dogs, cats and their owners. It’s the only 100% autonomous pet toilet in the world. Pipopet works like conventional toilets. It has an infrared sensor that releases water when the animal has used it, leaving it clean and hygienic. With this invention, pet lovers have a hygienic and efficient solution that avoids picking up dog waste and bad odors from litter boxes by hand. The invention will soon be commonplace in places like pet-friendly hotels and animal care centers.”

Abaki It is «a portable lock invented by David Jiménez. Thanks to his profession as a carpenter, the man from Madrid has developed this small lock that is easy and quick to assemble. It is enough to assemble the parts that make up the product to obtain a totally secure temporary lock in any place you want, from doors to drawers to cupboards. The portable lock is ideal for protecting places such as shared rooms, tourist apartments and offices, or simply to prevent accidents involving children at home. It is very easy to secure the doors of your house without complex and expensive installation.

Twist bag, «a cylindrical suitcase so your clothes never crumple when you travel! Patented by Cantabrian inventor Víctor Morante, it’s one of those must-have inventions when you travel. The design of this innovative suitcase that takes advantage of the space to store a larger amount of clothes without creasing them, since it has individual protective covers in which to place the stretched clothes and then mechanically roll them up inside the suitcase. In addition, it takes advantage of its shape by turning over to facilitate transport. A novelty for those who travel on business and always need ready-to-wear clothing.

eye breaker, the idea of ​​the Canarian inventor Samuel Martínez, is “an emergency light to illuminate the power distribution box in the event of a power failure. 90% of power outages are caused by small voltage overloads, which is why Samuel developed this device that activates automatically if the circuit fails, making the panel’s position and display easier to quickly restore power. A simple solution that adapts to any distributor, its installation is similar to that of a normal thermal switch, making it ideal for all homes.”

stop spying is «an invention of the Valencian Ismael Soltero who, concerned about the exponential increase in cyber attacks and bullying, especially among children and young people, has developed the most discreet and secure adhesive cover on the market for the webcams of all mobile devices and computers. This innovative product was successfully funded on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform, where nearly 300 people from around the world gave him financial support to develop and launch the first production of his product.

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