The big deal of starting a real estate agency in Marbella

The luxury market on the Costa del Sol is experiencing one of the best moments in its history. With Marbella as the best exponent, setting up a real estate agency in this area can become a very profitable business, despite being a very specialized market where there is no lack of competition.

In 2021 alone, real estate sales exceeded 256 million euros, three times more than in 2019, the year before the pandemic. This figure shows the good moment of real estate activity on the Costa del Sol, which, in addition to Marbella, includes other cities such as Estepona or Benahavís.

Real estate activity on the Costa del Sol has become a segment of great luxury reserved for the great wealth. A) Yes, The square meter is paid directly on the beach with 25,000 euroswhich has to do with, among other things, the good climate, the wide range of golf courses or the presence of great restaurants and luxury nightclubs.

All this forms a market together with Mallorca could be one of the top ten most desirable residential destinations in the worldas the owner of a well-known real estate agency thinks in the country.

A new client profile for the luxury real estate industry

In contrast to the classic property buyers on the Costa del Sol, a new investor profile is entering the real estate industry in the region, which could explain the record numbers in the industry last year.

This is a younger profile, between 35 and 50 years old, usually associated with big tech companies. Instead of buying as a second home, these “new rich” looking for real estate to live permanently, and have significantly increased their budgets. In this sense, the experts explain that the classic customer had to spend around 750,000 euros new buyers reach three million.

This change opens up new business opportunities in the region, many of which can bring great benefits to entrepreneurs. For example, open a real estate agency specialize in attracting new buyers or investing in an old property to refurbish and later resell at a higher price.

Undertaking other real estate transactions without investment

Although starting a real estate agency or devoting yourself to investing can bring great benefits, These are businesses that require a heavy investmentall the more so in the context of the Costa del Sol market. However, the possibilities opened up in this new scenario also leave room for other activities that can become profitable businesses without high initial investments.

Increase the value of a property. Often a real estate agency’s catalog is full of ads for unfinished apartments and houses, with little information and inadequate services. For this reason, a good option to get involved in the industry without investing too much is to dedicate yourself build the elements that can significantly increase the value of a property.

The mediation. Matching buyers and sellers for a commission is another of the most common techniques when working in real estate when funds are lacking. This is where some real estate franchises open the doors for the self-employed who can benefit from the whole structure with minimal effort. Be active in the field of real estate brokerage, of course requires extensive market knowledgethe best locations and the most affordable properties.

wealth management. Another alternative in the real estate sector is to manage the wealth of those who have the resources. Management of leases, relations with tenants, maintenance of properties… These are just some of the tasks that a manager takes on for a fee.

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