We are talking here about a first proposal that moves in one in the environment of the collaborative economy C2C business between individuals, which according to their calculations takes up 12% of current message traffic. The next step would be to deal with the model B2C, which aggregates a large part of e-commerce and where trading margins are increasing significantly, as it accounts for 38% of national packages. The remaining 50%, which is B2B, don’t even think about it.

And we’re also talking about a proposal because Shipeer is still at it Beta phase of the Minimum Viable Productto see if the business model finally makes sense. The metrics covered so far are 400 porters connected to the system early adopters. Using the English nomenclature they speak of Senderto refer to the person carrying out the shipment,driver either carrier for the driver who moves and delivers the package. Previously, they made theirs available to users marketplace has not reported any income to them, something that is in accordance with what is stated in it road map (road map), will not take place until the end of July.

payment platform

As for the tasks marked for the month of March, they are to set up and collect payment gateways 15% commission for each completed transaction. The price of the service is calculated based on the distances traveled and the size of the package, according to four established categories: small, medium, large and very large.

24/7 service

They argue that they take place annually 350 billion driving on the road with an empty trunk; Unlike traditional services, they work seven days a week. 24 hours a day; the possibility of a geolocation to track the package in real time; that users will be given the opportunity to obtain some extra and that you forget pack. The less you pack the better, for the sake of Security, that this is another point that they are currently implementing.

The partners

The Shipeers Team, Daniel LapesaManaging director, who comes from the field of psychology, Juana ArenasComputer scientists seem to have made good use of the six months in the incubator Demium startups. They are now included plug and play with which they trust to promote the strategic lines to develop in a market 300,000 people that in Spain they use the collaborative economy on a daily basis, which they believe is not a trend but a revolution.


http://www.demiumstartups.com /


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