Amazon is ending the fake review business

The business of fake reviews on Amazon is over. The company has spotted and banned 600 Chinese brands from its platform and banned them from selling again on its platform. marketplace after introducing hundreds of fake reviews on their products.

As explained by Amazon: “Customers rely on the accuracy and authenticity of product reviews to make informed purchasing decisions, and we have clear policies for both reviewers and selling partners that prohibit abuse of our community features. We suspend, ban and take legal action against those violating these guidelines, wherever they are in the world.”

Corresponding a report confirmed by Amazon, the 600 excluded brands had more than 3,000 stores on the e-commerce platform for different products and sub-brands. Among the best known, the brand dedicated to electronic products stands out. Aukeywhich can no longer be distributed through the company founded by Jeff Bezos.

The business of fake reviews on Amazon or Google

Reviews on Amazon and Google are an important source of information before purchasing a product or service. Through this technique, consumers who have already received a product or eaten in a restaurant appreciate the service and recommend (or not) their purchases to others. But in recent months, falsifying these opinions has become quite a lucrative business.

Many companies offer a refund of the product amount if they rate the purchase on Amazon with five stars – the highest score – and recommend the purchase to future consumers. In other cases, there are agencies that pay up to two euros per review on Google Maps. Considering that it only takes five minutes to write a review, fake reviews can become a very profitable business.

All of this has created an environment where scammers can act with impunity. Telegram groups have even formed where people write fake reviews on Amazon or Google Maps get a list of products or companies Reward people who write positive reviews. Although in other cases It is the companies themselves that contact the consumer.

This technique of dubious legality is strictly followed by Amazon. Speaking of the Jeff Bezos-led company, they say, “We want Amazon customers to buy with confidence, knowing that the reviews they read are authentic and relevant.” they do not rule out going to court if irregularities of this kind are detected.

For now, excluding the 600 Chinese brands from Amazon could spell a before and after in the fake review market. From now on, sellers must carefully consider whether exiting the market is worth the risk. marketplace most important in the world with a few positive voices…

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