The deals of the least known Spanish billionaires

We all know the most medial Spanish billionaires. Amancio Ortega is still the richest person in Spain. after the last rankings. On this occasion, the founder of Inditex again leads a list in which his daughter Sandra Ortega and Mercadona Executive President Juan Roig occupy the other two places on the podium.

However, not all Spanish billionaires are as well known as them, though Almost all have successful businesses that build their fortunes year after year. We take a look at some of their stories.

The most unknown Spanish billionaires

Sol Daurella Comadran. This 54-year-old Catalan businesswoman is the President of Coca-Cola European Partners and independent director of Banco Santander and one of the most important Spanish billionaires. His estimated fortune is around 1,300 million euros and he manages the business of the company, which manufactures, bottles and distributes the world’s most famous soft drinks in all European countries. Daurella is known for her commitment to sustainability and equal rights for women in the workplace.

Albert Palachi. With a fortune of around 1,200 million euros, Palatchi is the former owner of Pronovias and owner of investment firm Galma Capital. The Catalan businessman belongs to a family of entrepreneurs that began in 1922 when his father founded the legendary wedding dress company. Little else is known about the entrepreneur who was born in Barcelona in 1949.

Isaac Andic. Although he didn’t settle in Spain until he was 16, he was an entrepreneur Owner of the fashion company Mango, also appears on the list of the richest Spanish billionaires. With an estimated fortune of 1,200 million euros, the businessman employs more than 11,000 people, with a franchise-based business model, unlike its closest competitor Inditex.

Helena Reveredo. That President of Prosegur It also has its origins outside of Spain – in Argentina – although it has dual citizenship. The businesswoman married the founder of Prosegur, who died in a traffic accident in 1997. Since then, Revoredo, together with his four children, has owned 52.5 percent of the company’s shares and has an estimated net worth of 950 million euros.

Ricardo Portabella. That Owners of Anpora Real Estate He has assets of around 700 million euros and is also one of the least known billionaires in the Spanish public. He belongs to an entrepreneurial family tradition as his grandfather was very active in the growth of Danone during his first steps in the city of Barcelona. Portabella has always been very jealous of his privacy and has always criticized being branded as rich. “I don’t like this character they created because I hate the word wealth. Instead, I prefer those of prosperity,” he further explained.

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