The 'Disclosure Entrepreneur' Explains the Mysteries of 'Anything By 25'

Those who work with her say that she has impressive strength and an overwhelming personality. The spirit was inherited from her Dutch grandfather, a respected businessman, but she’s not far behind. He started doing business at the age of 15 and now, with less than 40, he runs almost a commercial center with shops that are growing every day throughout the Spanish territory. He founded Top Queens in November 2012. The first store opened in Alicante, his hometown, and now he has already done so 35 shops to which another 50 will be added before the end of the year. In the first two months €40,000 has been invoiced and forecasts are for the end of 2015 €7,000,000.

Stunning numbers for a business model moving more in the direction of inexpensive than Premium, but which attracts upper-middle-class women with nostalgia for the days when they happily consumed luxury brands. They are the ones in the classic “mouth to ear”the marketing strategy everyone calls for and few choose.

Exclusivity at a low price

The key to success: Selling items with designs inspired by brands and brands most successful collections international and all Single price of 25 €, a good 28 € including shipping costs if the order is made via the Facebook page. And when we talk about articles, we have to understand a wide range that includes clothing, leather goods, shoes or costume jewellery. The limited series are renewed weekly, thus promoting the impulsive consumption. The selection is made from the head office, then the ordering of production to various suppliers distributed throughout the Czech Republic, China, Italy … depending on the article.

One customer per city

Most of the top Queens establishments are owned by the parent company, but Johanna Manzanaro has articulated a different type of expansion that she prefers to classify as delegations rather than franchises. According to his model, the person interested in the company pays an entrance fee according to the size of the location through which they access the company expertise of the company, to the collections and adopts guidelines for the decoration of the premises that will always remind one luxury boutique. The payment is made once, without further annual contributions. They have taken over the islands, numerous provincial capitals and will soon open in Madrid and Barcelona. The fact that the two major cities were moved is due to the maxim that regulates the company, which is the only way to go one customer per square meter who can successively open more businesses when the investments pay off.

In solitary confinement

None of her businesses have closed to date, another achievement of this woman, who started with a share capital of 4,000 euros and had to surrender betrayal of their partners originally, but which he evidently overcame with bravery and for the good of the community. The plant’s 30 employees could be joined by others 200 indirect jobs. And just as it was born on its own, without credit or investor protection, it grew and will continue to do so in its international expansion which will shortly begin in England and France. The application of the business model to the men It’s another of his immediate plans, what we don’t know is if he’ll do it with the same brand name or a different one.

And lest everything in Johanna Manzanaro’s life sound metal, let’s say that she might recognize someone from her days in competitions and TV series, singing in some of them, which is her other great calling.