protagonist of the princess of the desert: Sonja Macia’s novel. Challenge: Run up to 1,000 km in 20 days through the Namibian desert. Aim: to demonstrate the power of women to achieve whatever is proposed. Author: Alvaro SquareCEO of Square ventures. This could more or less be the recording of the documentary that goes with the title the princess of the desert It can be seen in cinemas and television channels in more than twenty countries. No benefit will be derived from the broadcast of the film, since the project is self-sustaining thanks to the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy of the companies, training and advice, the creation of a dedicated sportswear brand for online sales and sponsors : Borgesgaes solidarity, evil bullSACT and Serviprinter.

If the type of clothing sold is sportswear, it is because this Square Ventures social project consists of creating a sports consultancy with a social purpose to promote healthy lifestyles and gender equality through the empowerment of all women and to reach girls. So it’s a new social project by Álvaro Cuadrado, the 31-year-old entrepreneur who runs the social-based business group Square Ventures and has already won more than 25 local and international awards.

For this adventure, he sought an alliance with Sonia Macías Román, a Sevillian who, after putting on her first sneakers at the age of 28, eventually became an ultra-distance runner. It was she who contacted Álvaro after listening to one of his lectures on Youtube to tell him that she had a dream. After running the Marathon des Sables, a stage race considered one of the toughest in the world, held in Morocco and presented as a test of self-sufficiency, he decided to keep running and see the world through my shoes”, but him lacked the funds.

Álvaro received her, listened to her and responded with a counter offer. “And why, instead of looking at it as a special challenge, aren’t we doing something that goes beyond personal branding and helping other women and more people?” He suggested I do what no one had accomplished and run for something other than myself. Sonia Macías, who experienced more than one humiliation as an athlete, thought the idea was fantastic. This is how the project germinated. desert princess.

No slope is forever

The challenge proposed to the “princess” was to walk up to 1,000 km across the Namibian desert in 20 days. Filming took place from December 29 to January 28, 2016. With Sonia and Álvaro, now as filmmakers, 2 other members of the production company traveled. “It was almost more difficult for them to follow me in the car through winding roads and terrible heat. However, my experience was very rewarding, walking through a wonderful landscape and encountering ostriches, zebras, gazelles, oryx…”

All good up to half. “It wasn’t until the day of the 10th stage that I lost my strength. I sat down on a rock to cry and said that I couldn’t take it anymore, that I would leave and go back to my house. Maybe I would have done it if it was a personal project but I figured it wasn’t mine, that there’s a reason I’m just the face of a lot of women who struggle every day, suffer and in the live in darkness . He was there for her. I also thought of my mother and my sisters. I got up and kept running.

After the trance, Sonia has learned that “no incline is eternal and that in situations of fear and adversity you gain a strength you don’t even believe you have.” Fear, he says, hasn’t lost him, “but you have to learn to control it and not let it paralyze you or prevent you from doing things that can end up being wonderful.”

The documentary, which defends the figure of women in sport as a metaphor and in society in general, has already received 3 awards, even without being screened, including the 2016 prize for promoting equality for its dissemination You will be more than 60 communication media and an audience of over 10 million people. Likewise, Sonia insists on launching a campaign of sponsorship of kilometers in order to obtain funding from companies and individuals who want to support them.

“I turn my passion and talent into a tool to make the world a better place. The princess of the desert corresponds to this premise,” says Álvaro Cuadrado.

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