Although the startup was born in Madrid in 2016, 70% of its audience is from the United States, a testament to the global ambition and scalability of the project. As for ambition Epic school it is double. On the one hand they want to help the Main influencers to the world to monetize and continue to grow their audience and on the other hand to offer the latest experiential training programs with their digital idols.

We’re not talking about regular tutorials or ordinary teachers here. The teachers at Epic School are established artists in disciplines such as robotic dance (Marquese Scott), acrobatic movements (Damien Walters) or freestyle skateboarding (Spanish Kilian Martín). To these already available courses, another one with a well-known one will be added from September influence Canadian playing drums (Joey Muha) and another of musical production by the hand of a well-known Australian disc jockey. Students pay between 35 and 40 euros for the online course and receive feedback from the artist, now in the role of tutor, and from the other virtual classmates, who evaluate their progress at the end.

The fact that the platform initially opted for this type of more sporting activity is only due to an occasional reason Benjamin Romero, COO, as the idea is to open the range to all those activities that are of interest to millennials, their audience, with an average age between 15 and 30 years. The videos are recorded by professionals and the user can consume them whenever and wherever he wants.

The goal is to reach critical mass globally to associate the platform with fashion brands and generate ad revenue. This will allow them to realize another of their plans, which is “to provide scholarships to young people living in more disadvantaged economies,” says Benjamín Romero.

The idea of ​​starting The Epic School arose from sebastian mueller, the founder, as a result of organizing YouFest, an innovative festival that brings well-known YouTubers together with their fans. Muller is also a director of impact acceleratora startup accelerator in phase growth which has European funds and Director of ISDI, digital business school. A big proponent of using technology for a creative revolution, Muller has been able to attract investors the size of Rodrigo Miranda Beltrán or the CEO of Sónar Festival to his new project alongside an Enisa.


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