Consumers’ facial expressions act like a kind of lie detector on their tastes. “The consumer sits in front of the computer with a webcam that analyzes facial muscles. All he has to do is watch the campaign and we record his emotions at every moment. We see which part of the ad evokes positive or negative emotions, when they lose interest, etc.,” explains Millward Brown’s Pepe Martínez.

Greater efficiency
With this tool, used as a pre-test, “we can refine a lot about the impact the campaign can have on each type of consumer and their engagement or involvement (engagement) with the audience. That face coding recognizes four facial expressions that we associate with customer impact and sales,” he adds.

brand recall
“Another great benefit of this test is that we can identify when to introduce the brand or product in the advertisement or which scenes to eliminate, which represents a very important saving for the customer,” assures Pepe Martínez.