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LaBienHecha: a bag brand that was born in a flea market

The entrepreneurship of well done corresponds to a project originally conceived by Irene Fernandez and in which today 11 women “who do it well” are integrated. They refer to their accessories and bags, which are handcrafted from double-certified recycled leather and have christened each design with a woman’s name. The bags are made in their own workshop in Malaga, from where they also offer an artisan textile service to third parties. Its suppliers are all national and subject to the Km 0 corporate standard.

Irene Hernández clarifies that she uses the term “sustainable” in the broadest sense of the word. “Not only with the environment, but also from a social and economic point of view, in the sense that as a company we pursue our own profitability, but also the economic dignity of the women who work here.” It also unequivocally explains the feminist character of the leather goods company. “As a brand, we rely on 4 basic pillars. The first is sustainability, which we know is no longer an option but an obligation; the second is craftsmanship, in which, without shying away from technology, we recover traditional techniques of a job well done; the third is the commitment to 100% traceable local development and the fourth is feminism, which empowers women in society through entrepreneurship and in life in general.”

The first idea was to set up a craft workshop. In order to sell it, they started making bag prototypes and tested different design, labor and quality processes. So they created small samples to sell to third parties, but the idea didn’t work. However, just as they were about to close, a friend mentioned the opportunity to take their bags to the El Muelle Uno handicraft market, where they arrived with the car full of bags on June 23, 2019, the festival of San Juan, and came back empty. The same happened the following Sunday. What Irene Fernández calls “the miracle” had happened: the birth of a brand. Such was the market acceptance that they went from a humble workshop with 4 women to hiring more staff and opening their own physical shop in the center of Malaga, although it ended up being “the shortest in history”. The store, inaugurated on January 16, 2020, was forced to close on March 14 after the state of alert and total curfew imposed due to the coronavirus. Now they limit their sales to the online channel, always seeking close and honest communication with the customer throughout the process, from the moment the customer arrives and makes a purchase but without leaving their shoes until they buy another one. Because here are the recordings.

Volunteer: handmade jewelery with a feminist spirit

“The two in the photo are us, Celia and Emily. You will rarely see us seriously because we always have fun. Ultimately, volunteers This is how you could sum it up, in a space where you can have fun and feel free.” This is how the protagonists of this venture are presented on their website: the organizers, close and without surnames, and their brand Volunto, which they later called “Sorry for experiments, a game, it’s our granite” denote sand in the precious feminist struggle”.

Beyond the intention of this Sevillian brand, there is also a product used in earrings, pendants and other accessories in the handmade jewelry category.

“One of my main goals was to convey a message of women’s empowerment through handmade jewelry,” says Celia. Make every person wearing something from Volunto feel part of a fight and shout it out! In addition, betting on Volunto carries something unique, hand-sculpted and full of beautiful imperfections that ceramics offers,” is the way they must balance business with feminist struggle.

Mamaceta, a product of Mirlo Blanco

Mirlo Blanco: erotic ceramics that express the diversity of the body

“The idea that there is only one valid body type hurts so many people it’s scary. It’s scary because a lot of people fall out of this pattern. And beliefs are so powerful that many of us are aware of the many lies we’ve been told, yet we still struggle to unlearn everything we’ve learned.” So step inside white blackbird his artisanal pieces are baptized with names like “big breasts”, “pink nipple breast”, “churrita flower pot” or “white egg”.

The idea is from Anna and Zeus, both “fine arts graduates, tattoo artists, designers and potters” united in a project that, as they say themselves, was born from the need to combine ceramics with bodily diversity. They do this with a touch of humor, creating exclusive and high quality pieces for domestic or decorative use, such as vases, cups or planters that reveal shapes of the human body that we usually hide. “At Mirlo we want to get rid of taboos, we want to change the way we treat our bodies and the bodies of others. We want to accept and accept ourselves, learn that we can find beauty in difference and use that difference to create our pieces,” they say.

Founder of Girly Girl

Girly Girl: Girls rule

girly girl is a publication created by la leonesa Cristina Valbuena “Special education teacher, she likes to jump into the sea and always makes room for another vermouth,” and for the woman from Burgos Christina Alonso, “Lovers of cats and Neapolitan pizza fresh from the oven”. Both present themselves as the “supreme bosses of Girly Girl Magazine,” an online magazine and Instagram account where they have 46.5k followers, “where we always talk about our passions, concerns, and interests from a gender perspective.”

Although they say their magazine is a magazine for everyone, they make it clear that the ultimate goal is to give women a voice, “to add our grain of sand to the balance of equality. Here the girls have the singing voice, because we are very clear that things are always better together.”

From the described perspective, they publish articles on very different topics with titles like “Top 5 Erotic Toys”, “8 Movies and Documentaries Directed by Women” or “8 Series Talking about Gender Equality that you can’t miss “.

Further publications, such as those by girls of today where the young Andrea Savall Create a newsagent.

Founder of Lubets

Lubets, natural lubricants

Out of lubetsthe latest project of the entrepreneur Alicia Zurita, We have already discussed in this post. It is a brand of personal lubricants and natural and ecological intimate gels sold in a single dose. “By the time I was about 30, I was aware that the adult industry was masculine and archaic and that neither my friends nor I represented us,” Zurita argued in the aforementioned interview, which prompted her to start an adult brand featuring lingerie, cosmetics and toys called Late Chocolate. Now, with Lubets, it focuses on lubricants, targeting mass consumption in both online channels and physical stores.

Naomi Casquette

Noemi Casquet, specialista in sexuality

Naomi Casquette She is a journalist specializing in sexuality and travel. Erotic novelists are titles like ‘Mala mujer’. Among those quoted in this article, it is perhaps the most popular of all because of its appearances on television and frenetic activity on networks. A little more unnoticed, he spends his work at the head of a communications agency called Tokyo, now inactive, or for her role as leader and evangelizer Santa Mandangaa digital school project about sex and emotions and where Robert Garces, project leader and co-founder, takes on the role of study leader with courses like ‘Introduction to Anal Sex’ or, still in the pipeline, ‘Aphrodisiac Cooking by Odkhoo’, the former Masterchef contestant who later joined ‘First Datteln’ on the Searching for love and who now runs a well-known restaurant in Barcelona.

“I’m passionate about sex because I see it as the most powerful weapon of mass revolution there is,” says Casquet, who also describes himself as “active in developing projects and in demanding diversity and justice among people.” .